Songs Part 1 It's the End Don't Leave Me Alone. Together! Let's Dream. I'll Give You Chocolate! Under the Cherry Blossoms☆ I'm Happy! Gimme the Handcuffs! It's the Start! Part 2 Magic is Heresy The Day of the Decisive Battle! Not Together If We Meet Again☆ Stealing is Wrong? No Need to Worryy!! The Night That Can't Be Seen. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. Part 3 Assassin! The One Who's Nothing. So We Meet Again, Eh?☆ Although I Want to Sleep! Goodbye to the Dream☆ The Other Side of the Mirror> Let's Take a Trip! To You, To Me. Who's the Liar? Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ Part 4 The Broken Mirror. Goodbye to You★ With the You I Can't See. In Your Eyes. Characters Characters from the Vocaloid Era Kagamine Rin Kagamine Len Hatsune Miku Camui Gackpo Characters from the Russia Era Irina The Dog Irina's Comrade Elena Urusei Teppannov Real World Characters Ronald McDonald Putin The Uploader Misc Post Guides

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