This here is the start of a discussion thread for Putin-P fans who wish to share interpretations of the series that they believe are valid--if not valid enough for putting on main pages, then at least for putting on appropriate Fan Interpretation pages, although hopefully for putting on main pages.

Some things in this series are not up for debate, but as official word from Numtack05 on some things is scarce and unlikely to be reached, those other some things are up for debate. So. Debate them here I guess ;;;OOO/

Please note that the series was left in the English fandom with a lot of misconceptions due to multiple translations of varying quality (most poor) and little access to Numtack05's own commentary, so this thread would also be good for clearing those up. I will later do a post of facts that were determined in the last couple of months that do not appear to have been widespread by the time most of the fandom lost interest to help people get up to speed.