oOO/ Here is the thread where we can discuss edits that I'd like to make to the main page and any edits you yourself think of as well. For now probably making a list will be sufficient, so without further ado-

1. The Parts under the Song section should be linked to the individual part pages rather than the first song of each Part. i.e., Part 1 should link to Part 1 and so on. 

2. There should be a link somewhere to the main series page where people can clearly see it.

3. About section should be revised accordingly:

  • Make it clear that interpretation of the series' more vague points is often aided by clues in the songs and lyrics and not merely viewer opinion.
  • Replace Keywords with approximately "Key Phrases are lyrics that are important to understand the general details of the song"
  • Replace Notes with approximately "Notes are details about the song and its context to ease understanding"
  • Replace Confusions with approximately "Curiosities are unclear parts of the song and irrelevant facts."
  • Add Sound Analysis with the explanation of the Illustration Analysis.

4. Possibly add Irina, Red Rin, Irina's Comrade, and the Dog to the character section--unless that might clutter it up?