Or, if you prefer, Interpretations Thread B ;D

Please note, this thread is being made for the specific purpose of me writing up all the known facts about an unexplained issue in the Putin-P series and then puzzling out what the most likely answer is or simply to determine how I will vaguely write it up on an article. 

I would have just done this in a sandbox but user input is appreciated if I've left something out or missed something. This is partially, of course, me working under the assumption that there is no more info to be wrung out of the series itself and that Numtack05 hasn't provided explanations in a place I, coming in years later and speaking no Japanese, can access--so the gaps in pages will need to be filled by deduction or keeping areas vague.


So yush I will write up the thorniest issue in a little bit, Rin's "early life".