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Album Cover 3
Song title
Original title: いかり

Romaji: Ikari
English: Anchor

Hatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)
NND / YT Links
Nico Nico Douga broadcast (fanmade) / N/A


Hatsune Miku sings a song in criticism of her contemporary society, wondering if it's responsible for all the unhappiness in the world. As she expresses frustration for herself and others over their powerlessness, she wonders if the future can be better.


Key PhrasesEdit



  • The song was made available in the free download of the Putin-P Part 2.5 album, although is not included in the series proper.


  • The context of Miku's song and the society about which she is singing is unknown, although it's likely to take place in between Part 2 and 3 given it's inclusion on the album.

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