Camui Gackpo
Technical Information
Japanese Name 神威がくぽ
Romanization Kamui Gakupo
Other Names The Red Demon
The One Who Reports
Vocaloid Gakupo
Biographical Information
Classification Vocaloid
Race N/A
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (wig)
Eye Color Red
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance We Met Again, eh?☆
Last Appearance The Broken Mirror.
Subtitle Color Light blue

"I want to violently break you"

Camui Gackpo is a Vocaloid that's loyal to Russia, sent to find Rin in the present day era. Serving under the Russian regime, Camui's existed sometime prior to the fall of the soviet union; in a past life, the self uploaded in Camui's body was a young boy who served as a Russian child-soldier along with Irina. After being killed by Irina for betraying her, his self was uploaded into Camui. Once released he becomes a main antagonist for the series as he attempts to destroy Kagamine Rin and Len.


In the Russia EraEdit

"We lost our hearts, while we were saved by drugs."

Originally, there was a boy born in Russia, a boy who worked as one of the child soldiers under Putin. Over the course of his employment, the boy worked with another girl named Irina,[1] who one day entrusted him with her dog.[2] When the dog stole his scarf,[3] he shot the animal for sport under the encouragement of his other comrades and was murdered by Irina as a result.[4]

Afterwards, the Russian officer Elena recreated the boy in a spam file that was uploaded to the internet to show the world the government's exploitation of children, along with a data file for Irina and her dog.[5] At some point, the spam file was attached with a virus.[6] After the data Irina mixed with the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, the data boy was intended to be Kagamine Len. Shortly after, however, the boy's data file was replaced by the data dog, done in accordance with the data Irina's wish to have her dog back.[7]

As a result, the data boy was at some point mixed with Camui Gackpo instead, associated with those who were troubled by the propagation of Elena's story through the data files she'd uploaded.[8] At some point, he acquired a red scarf and kept it in his wallet.[9]

Part 3Edit

"This face is handsome too"

After Ronald disappeared, Camui was sent out to destroy Kagamine Rin himself.[10] Walking through the bright lights, gun in his coat pocket, Camui caught sight of his quarry standing with her iPhone and smiled as he stood before her. As Rin looked up at him, Camui drew out his gun and, smile disappearing, took aim.[11] He then fired at her headphones,[12] shattering one of her earpieces and rendering her unable to insert her backup disk.[13]

OtherSideoftheMirror 1
Taking aim at Rin herself next, he prepared to fire before Len arrived and kicked the gun out of his hand.[14] As Rin escaped, Camui recovered in a kneeling position and appraised the figure in front of him.[15] He realized that Len, one of the other divisions of their story, had also become a Vocaloid, which had repelled Ronald.[16] As Len babbled in preparation to fight, Camui mused how the boy had a heart and wondered why he'd have such a useless thing, questioning if he'd escape to protect it.[17]

Standing now, Camui drew a sword from his coat and aimed it at Len, speaking to him over his past as a child soldier becoming addicted to drugs.[18] Amused that Len believed the him in the mirror was happier than his real self, he started to laugh at the boy.[19] He then heard Len continue to talk and attack him with an elbow strike;[20] after Len threw a pike at him, he realized that Len had, in his previous life, been the dog.[21]

Disgusted, Camui declared he gave up and stated that in the story he'd been lesser than the dog.[22] He stated that their fight would thus have the same conclusion and he tried to strike Len.[23] Dodging, Len struck him again with his elbow and Camui was knocked unconscious. Losing his wig, Camui lay there in the growing snowfall until he was found by Miku;[24] the idol then took him home and stripped him of his uniform as she lay him on the floor.

As he lay in Miku's room, Camui regained consciousness while the idol was researching on her laptop and faintly smiled as he stared ahead.[25] Soon afterwards, he got up and got dressed and then, at some point, got his hands on a USB drive that would link him into the data world.[26] Inserting the device into his headphones, the assassin used it to enter Rin's interior and fell back "asleep" on the floor.[27]

Part 4Edit

"Do you hate me? That's alright, because the outcome won't change"
―Camui to Len[src]

Upon entering the data world, Camui's Soviet tattoo disappeared.[28] Soon after, he found Len approaching Irina and fired at him, coming into the boy's point of view; as the bullet missed,[29] he wondered what the boy was doing there and asked Len if he hated him.[30] He then remarked that it was alright if he did, since it wouldn't change Rin's outcome.[31] Hearing Len's reasoning that he was fighting for Rin, the surprised Camui pointed out she was once a murderer before admitting he was the same.[32]

Broken Mirror Meeting
After saying this, Camui told Len to look at him as well and mused that they were both pathetic.[33] He told Len of his own and Rin's "past" humans lives, explaining how they'd glossed over their lives with drugs in the wake of all the sins they committed.[34] He noted how Irina changed after taking in her dog and mused that he hadn't when given the same dog,[35] saying that he was happy taking the drugs;[36] during this time, he lowered his gun.

Len then silenced Camui and came at him, preparing to wrestle the other Vocaloid. Camui quickly overwhelmed Len and began attempting to break him, before Len suddenly threw him off with the Atomic Suplex Hold.[37] Once defeated, Camui posed no more obstacle to Len leaving the data world.[38]



"But,,, this one has a heart. Why is that, I wonder? Why have such a futile thing?"
―Camui to Len[src]

As a carry-over from his old programming as Irina's comrade, Camui had a destructive personality and was cruel to other people. Used to being ordered to destroy, he was frustrated with the more peaceful world around him and violently unhappy;[39] as a result, he was spiteful towards Kagamine Rin, his old comrade who had managed to find happiness in her new life, and wished to destroy her.[40] He also had no scruple against destroying anyone who got in his way, such as Kagamine Len, and was unbothered by whether or not his target was just an innocent Vocaloid.[41]

Fully recalling all his memories, Camui had a low opinion of his previous life, seeing his old self and Irina as both being pathetic.[42] He nonetheless carried the same values from his previous existence into the next one, having a cynical view of life and sentimentality. He as a result did not understanding the depth of Len's feelings towards Rin or the persistence the boy had in protecting his 'heart',[43] when he himself had lost his heart to violence.[44] Fitting this pragmatism he was coldly efficient when dispatching targets, while also taking a sadistic pleasure in it.[45]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Camui appeared much stronger than the average person and as a result able to take more abuse without his body being destroyed; despite this, he could be rendered inoperational by an equally strong opponent such as Kagamine Len,[46] weak to the Vocaloid's wrestling moves,[47] although able to regain consciousness later.[48] Camui was primarily skilled at using weaponry, such as a small gun, and typically fired one-handed with remarkable precision.[49] He additionally was skilled at using a sword and concealing it from view until in use.[50] He was also, however, able to use his body as a weapon in wrestling an opponent bare-handed.[51]

Camui was also knowledgeable about his targets and their shared circumstances, knowing everything that had happened in the Russian era in contrast to the likes of Rin or Len who acted in ignorance.[52] He also had some amount of technological savvy, able to get his hands on a USB port and use it to successfully upload himself into Kagamine Rin's interior.[53]


"Your eyes're red? That's scary!"

Camui was tall and narrow in frame; typical of a Vocaloid, he had a black headset attached to his head with red lights, into which a USB drive or disk could be inserted to change or update his programming. Originally he wore a black wig with long hair tied into a ponytail, his long bangs on either side of his face; after his first conflict with Len, however, the wig was lost and he remained bald for the rest of the series.[54]

Tattooed on his head was a Soviet symbol to indicate his allegiance to the former Soviet Union and Russia by extension.[55] Similarly to the coloring on his headset, Camui had bright red and eerie eyes. He also wore a long black buttoned up coat, thick boots, and dark pants. Additionally he wore gloves, likely due to the cold conditions in which he was hunting Rin.[56] While not wearing it on his usual outfit, Camui carried in his wallet a red scarf similar to his past life's own for his own reasons.[57]


Kagamine RinEdit

"Although we've met again, you're a liar☆"
―Camui Gackpo[src]

Camui's target and former companion from his past life, the two of them once sharing the same purpose from Elena. Thinking of her as Irina as a result of his programming,[58] Camui Gackpo nonetheless shared no sense of companionship with Rin.[59] In contrast, he instead painted them as both being the same,[60] murderers for the sake of their government and pathetic in how they were strung along by drugs.[61]

Because of this, he despised Rin for having found some happiness in comparison to the miserable being he was,[62] seeing it as her lying to herself to stay content despite remembering everything about her past.[63] As a result, Camui wished to destroy her violently and easily was sent out for that purpose.[64] He also gleefully tried to stop any and all attempts from Len to save her even in the data world.[65]

Kagamine LenEdit

Kagamine Len was Camui's opponent, as the former tried to save Rin from the latter; the two of them also were once given the same purpose as spreading the "story" of the sad children from Elena. Dueling him on two separate occasions, Camui saw the other Vocaloid as an obstacle to his goals and, once he realized that he came from the dog that his "former life" had shot, found him detestable.[66]

In addition to his hatred of the boy, Camui was at times amused and baffled by his behavior. Not understanding the worth of a heart due to his background,[67] the assassin didn't understand why Len fought so hard to protect his and why he was fighting for Rin's sake, despite knowing her past as "Irina."[68]

Ronald McDonaldEdit

A program who apparently had the same purpose as Camui in dealing with Rin. Gackpo's personal relationship to Ronald is unknown, but having a derogatory view of him,[69] Gackpo referred to him with a dehumanizing term and considered him an inferior being,[70] whose disappearance led to being being sent out to deal with Rin himself.[71]



  • Unlike the rest of the Vocaloid-based characters, Camui displays a different hair and eye color from his Vocaloid, Camui Gackpo; he is further differentiated by his hair only being a wig.
  • Numtack05 had originally intended the role of Camui Gackpo to be taken by KAITO.[72]



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