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Don't Leave Me Alone. is an album released in 2009 by Numtack05 for Part 1 of the Putin-P series, first distributed during the VOC@LOID M@STER 12 convention. It contains all full versions of the songs for the first part of the story, with copyrighted audio removed and instrumentals remastered. The album also includes two bonus songs not uploaded for public viewing, making 11 tracks in all. It also includes a 12-page booklet drawn by Shiuka.

Song TracklistEdit

  1. It's the End!
  2. Don't Leave Me Alone.
  3. Together!
  4. Let's Dream.
  5. I'll Give You Chocolate!
  6. Under the Cherry Blossoms☆
  7. I'm Happy!
  8. Gimme the Handcuffs!
  9. It's the Start!
  10. Tippy-Toe Type
  11. With Big Wings!




  • The cover illustration shows Irina alone on a snowy night, while the back displays Red Rin with a machine gun; it's unknown where in the timeline these pictures are placed.


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