Song title
Original title: さよなら!

Romaji: Sayonara!
English: Farewell!

Hatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


During winter, Teppannov approaches and prepares to assassinate Putin as a result of all that had happened to him with Elena. Resolving not to worry about anyone else, he takes aim at his target; in that moment he flashes to a vision of an ideal future where he and Elena could live happily and free of their sins, dancing together. In the next moment Teppannov is shot by one of Putin's bodyguards and the politician begins to leave; realizing that this ideal was empty and that no one was listening to him any longer, Teppannov succumbs to his injuries.


覚えてますか あなたのココロ
偽りのない 素直な叫び
勝ち取る夢を 身体に乗せて
誰のことも 気にしないでさ




oboeteimasu ka anata no kokoro
itsuwari no nai sunao na sakebi
kachitoru yume wo karada ni nosete
dare no koto mo kinishinaide sa

maboroshi no mirai
tsumi mo kiete yuku ne
subete uketomete
shindenaide "ikiru" wo shite

anata no kotoba ni kachi wa nai no
daremo kiitenai
dakara ugoke

dareka ni kitaisuru nante baka
anata no koe wa
anata ni hibiku

Do you remember it? In your heart
Without falsehood, an honest scream
Carrying the dream of success on your body
Don't worry about anyone else

An illusionary future
Where your sins will also vanish
Catching everything,
Without dying, choose to "live"

There's no worth in your words
No one's listening
So move

Hoping for somebody makes you a fool
Your voice
Resounds to you

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key Phrases Edit

  • 『偽りのない 素直な叫び』 Without falsehood, an honest scream
  • 『幻の未来 罪も消えてゆくね』 An illusionary future/Where your sins will also vanish
  • 『死んでないで「生きる」をして』 Without dying, choose to "live"
  • 『誰も聞いてない』 No one's listening
  • 『あなたの声は あなたに響く』 Your voice/Resounds to you

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Teppannov appears
  • Teppannov taking aim at Putin
  • An illusionary future
  • Teppannov shot

As it scrolls along with the ending credits, the illustrations for the song are formed like a comic with panels going down. From the first panel Teppannov appears, dressed in his winter clothes as he plans to assassinate Putin, who stands with his back to him. The illustrations are all given a muted color palette save for the red in the blood that comes from Teppannov's gunshot wound. Similarly, Teppannov's ideal future with Elena also contains red, though also has a more colorful palette overall. On the final panels as Teppannov is shot, Putin can be seen waving farewell to him; this is possibly the reason for the title.



  • The song is one that's shown in the same PV as In Your Eyes., accompanying the end credits.


  • The song is without subtitles, leaving it unclear whether Miku's characteristic blue subs would be the stand-in for Teppannov or not.

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