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OKAY, this was... hard to translate, I-I'm in mental pain. But this is song 10 of Part III of PutinP's series, following the previous song which was "Who is the Liar?" aaaand about to be followed by the next song, "A Voice in my Heart". ATTENTION TO THAT ONE, DUDES. There'll be two uploads under the same name, "A Voice in my Heart" by Luka and then by Miku. BUT they're totally different songs, so don't skip any of 'em, yeah?

LYRICS (hahaha I'm makin' you wait for subs again):

The voice of your heart I honestly sang its words That slut of Putin She realized it, in the end

Pathetic, huh? ☆

From here on it'll be like this, I'll make A world that no one's seen before! This small revenge I wanna show it to all of you! Run! Go get a cool beer ☆

The future that you wished for! I'd sneer at such a worthless joke, heh That's right, only my voice will be heard ! The dazzling woman's laughter is unpleasant!!

Don't interfere, ok? ☆

Rin understood without trouble That she is the same as me Poor thing, getting involved like that >< What she [Irina] doesn't understand

Is that I hate her ☆

That's the reason I have to stop that dog ! Besides, I know it myself He once decided to disappear, you stopped him Did you have the right to do that? Just powerless, haha

Do you wanna be saved? Do you wanna save someone? Do you pray to God like lazy people do? Then it's too late ! How can you not get it? ☆ I wanna kick that bastard's ass and make 'em my slave!

Don't interfere, ok? ☆

A faintly-seen chance ☆ If things had just been different There would be nothing If you had seen this you'd know ○

I'll show you, street dog With one regular-caliber shot ☆ You're just a common *Anderson Heeheeheeheeheeheheheeheehee

What a rare smile Who (which one) are you?

    • (Note: she said "DOITSU" meaning "which", not "Germany")

Which one's will is that? Aah?

Welcome back ☆

Hey? That wasn't really your last song, was it ☆ You parted ways with yourself, I don't fully comprehend it, so Hey? Let's sing! I'll take your noisy words And make them gentle, like at that time ☆

THE NEXT STORY WILL BE: "A Voice in my Heart"


  • Anderson Silva is a martial artist, not too big-league, so I guess she means he's pretty much a random pawn thinkin' himself more powerful than he actually is. With PutinP-style fighting references, 'course.
    • Now PutinP's just stealing my job. º Aº;; HEY I'M THE NOTES PERSON. Basically, he's claryfing that when Miku says "doitsu" she means "which". Because "Germany" is also said "doitsu" and he doesn't want anyone to get confused now. So what Miku's askin' is basically "is this Rin or Irina now? Is Rin or Irina raising the gun?"

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