Deciphering IllustrationsEdit

The possible reasons for certain characters or items to reoccur in the series, either as a result of hallucinations or as clues to the finer details of the plot. See also the individual Illustration Analysis segments of songs.

  • Ronald McDonald: Ronald, as a drug dealer in the Putin-P series, may possibly represent drugs. His appearance at random points in a PV, while often indicating his physical presence, may also indicate drugs are involved in the song.
  • Leeks: The leek represents 'Hatsune Miku' in the series being the character item of the real Vocaloid. As such, when it shows up it usually signals her involvement in the song through some fashion. After she switches to junk food, this symbolism appears to be dropped.
  • Abe-san: Abe-san is known to be a fictional homosexual man most notable for the phrase "yaranaika" (shall we do it?) His visual meaning is unknown, however he appeared when Rin brainwashed Len in I'll Give You Chocolate! and when Miku was eating fries, teriyaki burgers, and becoming high on drugs in The Eyes That Don't Vanish. He makes multiple physical appearances as Len's lover, but may also represent temptation in the same way as the characters indulging in weed.
  • Tashiro: Tashiro is seen in the background of multiple PVs, such as He is seen in With the You I Can't See. filming Len crying. This and other appearances reference the incident when he was arrested for filming up a woman's skirt in public. When he was asked why he did this, he simply responded, "It's a good luck charm, like an octopus in a miniskirt," the latter half of this phrase appearing in Magic is Heresy. Tashiro's presence is likely always physical, with the man voyeuristically filming the events of the series.

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