Hatsune Miku
Technical Information
Japanese Name 初音ミク
Romanization Hatsune Miku
Other Names The One Who's Nothing (self-styled)
Vocaloid Miku
Biographical Information
Classification Android
Race N/A
Gender Female
Hair Color Teal
Eye Color Teal
Affiliation Japan
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Magic is Heresy
Last Appearance With the You I Can't See.
Subtitle Color Teal
Red (Original programming)

"If we could meet again, surely we'll be happy."

Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid, or "vocalized android," living in Japan in the present day era along with her fellow Vocaloids Rin and Len. Working as a teen idol, Miku captures the hearts of many, including Len, and has a secret past in the Russian era with her previous uploader. After falling in love with and losing Ronald McDonald, her entire life is turned upside down.


In the Russia EraEdit

At some point after her creation, Miku had been under the care of the assassin Urusei Teppannov,[1] who also worked as a producer in his spare time.[2] Singing multiple sad songs in order to cheer up the children living in Russia,[3] in particular her songs listened to by the child-soldiers of the government,[4] she shared a close relationship with her first uploader.[5] At some point, Teppannov made use of Miku to produce the song A Man of Few Words..[6]

During this time, Miku learned about the Russian officer Elena's plot to undermine Putin by propagating the story of Irina and other child soldiers' deaths, learning how she had divided the story between Irina, her comrade, and her dog as data files.[7] At some point, Miku was separated from Teppannov and switched to a new uploader in Japan.[8]

Separated from her old owner, she nonetheless learned the full story of how he reunited with Elena, his childhood friend, and how she committed suicide soon after making plans to escape with him.[9] At some point Miku was also witness to the creation of the Vocaloid models Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len with the involvement of the old data-files, seeing how Rin, in order to stay as she was, had her memories erased hastily by her uploader.[10]

Part 1Edit

"I'm not Hatsune Miku, how awful! I'll rage out"
―Rin about Miku[src]

Now an idol, Miku became extremely popular as her songs were uploaded onto the internet and she attracted many admirers.[11] Under her new uploader's care, she produced multiple popular songs, such as "Melt",[12] and began singing regularly over the radio as well.[13] At some point she began attending Junior High and was made to retake the school year twice due to her poor grades.[14] During this, she became the rival of the other Vocaloid Kagamine Rin as her popularity bewitched Rin's crush, Kagamine Len.[15]

Part 2Edit

"Being alone is agony"

Later on Rin began attending Miku's Junior High, to the idol's displeasure. Despite coming at odds with the other Vocaloid multiple times, she merely made light of the situation and continued to revel in her popularity.[16] At some point, as she greeted a swarm of reporters outside the school building,[17] she asked them to not take photographs and directed them to her office instead.[18] Around this time, Miku became interested in America, learning more about the country's history.[19]

She also met Ronald McDonald;[20] although initially trying to brush him off,[21] the idol became interested in him and began to understand the android's true nature as she learned about America.[22] She also at some point learned of how Kagamine Rin and Len contained Elena's data files of Irina and her dog, respectively.[23] Falling in love with Ronald, the two began officially dating as a couple.[24] As a result, Miku took up eating french fries and burgers over her typical diet of tsukemen.[25] She also began to change her style to reflect her new relationship.

All Together Part 1

Some time later, Miku witnessed Rin being rejected by Len and approached the humiliated girl as she stared forlornly at the ground, having shot at Abe-san's jacket previously.[26] Awkwardly trying to comfort Rin, Miku admitted she had no words or insults to give and offered her some fries, telling the girl to eat them before they cooled down.[27] She then began to ramble about how her current boyfriend was kind and lightly insulted Rin's choice in boys.[28]

As the girl laughed at her comments Miku, encouraged,[29] began discussing other foods and then told Rin that,[30] because she was in love, she had shined for just a little bit.[31] In response, however, Miku heard Rin rebuke her offer of comfort while still opening up about her feelings and favorite foods.[32] Afterwards, Miku left Rin alone and continued to work as an idol. As part of this, she sang a song on the radio and, during the recording, began crying even as she continued to sing.[33]

At some point, Miku learned that Ronald was going to disappear after finishing the "normalization" process,[34] also learning about his past with Rin as the "most pure machine gun" and his efforts to get close to and deceive "the dog" Len.[35] She also went with him to the amusement park in Tokyo Dome City for their very first date.[36] During the date, she held hands with her love and ate fries together with him, her heart beating erratically in excitement.[37]

Heading to the Ferris Wheel, as Ronald held her tightly and confessed his love she kissed and licked the clown.[38] They then visited a Jazz Bar and,[39] at some point, had a picture taken of the two of them together.[40] Following their date, the two stayed up late together, the idol citing that tomorrow was a Sunday so that staying together was acceptable.[41]

In the Unseen Night
As the time neared that Ronald would disappear, Miku began to cry and wondered why he was laughing instead.[42] She whispered to him to say that he loved her until the very end and listened as he said he liked her in an increasingly distorted voice,[43] until finally she was just left alone with the clown's costume.[44] Becoming morose and depressed over Ronald's disappearance, Miku bought fries and teriyaki burgers and ate them to remember her beloved, imagining hearing his voice again.[45]

Purchasing a bulk of McDonald's products and drugs, she went to the water's edge in Koishikawa Korakuen Garden with her hair down and resolved to quit being an idol.[46] She then ate all the fries, burgers, and drugs in her possession, discarding the wrappers at her side as she tried to see her loved one again. Entering a hallucination, the miserable Vocaloid dreamed that she was flying a Cessna out to wherever Ronald was and imagined he was waving at her. When the dream was over, however, Miku was left alone in her drugged stupor.[47]

Part 3Edit

"From here on out, yes, I'll create it: the world like no one's seen!!"

At some point after her drug hallucination, Miku quit being an idol and sang her final recording, "The Last Song," as an ode to Ronald and a promise for herself to live with a strong will.[48] From then on, however,[49] she holed herself up in her house and watched TV.[50] That winter Miku was visited by Kagamine Len as Kagamine Rin was scheduled to sing a song on live television, and the two watched her perform together; as they did, Miku got a nosebleed while watching.[51] Afterwards, Miku faced Len and called him an idiot, saying he shouldn't be here.[52] Returning to see the TV, she mused on how Rin looked happy and free now on the screen.[53]

As she mused that Rin was meant to convey the tragedy in Russia,[54] Miku slipped into her original programming and recounted how Rin once destroyed everything as the "the world's most pure machine gun".[55] Returning to normal, she told Len how the story had been divided by a girl between "the one who destroys," "the one who steals," and "the one who reports" back then.[56] Miserable, the former idol called herself empty aloud and nicknamed herself "the one who's nothing" in the story.[57]

Beside her, she then heard Len attempting to cheer her up and remind her that he was also a fan of hers,[58] as well as the Vocaloid offering to give her sake or tell Habu stories.[59] When he'd finished, she rebuked his offer of help and told him to leave everything to Rin instead.[60] As she mumbled about how being happy and not giving up were false ideals,[61] Miku then insulted Len only having sake to offer her and demanded he leave.[62]

At some point, Miku discovered that a fragment of Ronald existed on a USB drive as a result of an occasion where Rin shot a bullet at him, collecting the USB at some later point.[63] Wishing to get to the bottom of everything, Miku decided to leave her house. Soon after, she arrived at the spot of Camui's defeat and stood over the defunct android in the growing snowfall,[64] taking him back to her house. After stripping him of his outfit and laying him under a sheet, she prepared to work at her laptop with the USB containing a fragment of Ronald.[65] While she worked, she reflected on her old relationship with Ronald and herself. [66]

Using a laptop, Miku began researching the truth of Rin's condition, knowing that she would soon be destroyed with her true nature exposed.[67] As she did, Miku learned about Elena's past and looked through the woman's files.[68] She also learned, in addition to her prior knowledge, that Camui Gackpo's prior programming was of Irina's comrade and that he had been "Kagamine Len," only for Rin's wish to have her dog back to cause Len to be the dog instead.[69]

For You, For Me
As she learned more Miku turned to check back on Camui,[70] convincing herself she could both give Rin a little more time and meet with Ronald once again by linking everyone together in Rin's interior.[71] Cheering herself up and insisting she could change Rin's current fate, she laughed and returned to her laptop.[72] At some point during this, she became aware of the song that Teppanov left for her to sing.[73] Planning to show the story to Len and give Rin a little more time,[74] Miku cut her hair and put the story on a USB drive.[75]

Soon after, Miku contacted Len on Skype and asked him where he was. When Len instead gushed over her calling, the former idol remained silent until he admitted he was in his dorm; asking about Rin, she saw him reply that she was gone, though her outer clothes were there. When Len wondered why Miku had asked, Miku replied in frustration that he was an idiot and she wouldn't tell him. She then mused by message that Rin may have already separated inside herself and told Len she was going to Suidoubashi to meet the fragment of Ronald. When Len stated he'd go meet her there, Miku acquiesced but told him to hurry up and promise he wouldn't interfere.[76]

Running out of the house, Miku went through the busy streets of the blizzarding Tokyo towards Suidoubashi Station, reflecting on everything that happened so far. Spotting Len ahead of her in a snowy area, she took aim and fired,[77] shooting the USB drive into his headphones.[78] Spotting Rin up ahead, she saw the Vocaloid pointing a gun at her own temple and smiling.[79] Soon after she fired another USB drive into Rin,[80] also knocking her unconscious.[81] As Len lay knocked out by the USB, she also sang the story of Urusei Teppannov while it was being shown to Len, using her memories to imagine what he would say.[82]

Afterwards, Miku dragged Len and Rin back into her house, placing Rin under a sheet while the android "slept";[83] she then entered an artificial world with Len in order to explain everything to him.[84] After rudely interrupting the uploader's new video for Illusion Catastrophe,[85] she heard Len ask if Rin was alright and told him that she wasn't, but that she had at least gained a bit more time.[86] She then moved on and asked Len what he thought of the story he saw;[87] after he answered, she explained that this was a manufactured world they were currently inside.[88]

Genkaku 1
When Len spoke up that he had already known that, she told him to stop using slang and told the boy that they, the Vocaloids, were going to sing.[89] In a fast stream she began explaining cryptically to Len what she had learned about Elena and the data files;[90] asked if she could speak a bit clearer for him and the listeners she refused, stating it was better they didn't quite understand.[91] The former idol asked him if he knew what happened, admitting that even for her it was hard to know for certain and that much of the current information was made from guesses others made.[92]

As Len admitted he didn't know either but pondered on how he was the dog while looking like Irina's comrade, she explained to him how his current appearance had been a bonus from Rin's own wish for him.[93] Hearing Len's incredulity, she further clarified that his model simply liked her model.[94] Stating she'd wanted to be with the "pure" him, she then mused that now Len, with intelligence, would ironically soon be alone.[95] She also explained how the story of Irina, her comrade, and the dog was being propagated everywhere, stating her conviction that this was at least true and that some were troubled by its broadcast.[96]

Asked if that was was her previous owner acted for, Miku admitted it was sad but pointed out Len had just been a dog and that such was normal in Russia, him becoming someone's dog allowing him to live on.[97] She then continued her explanation on how Rin, Len, and Camui had been broadcasted as viruses and were able to separate from the viruses later on.[98] As she recounted how Rin had gotten her memories erased,[99] she heard Len ask if that meant she could have stayed if he didn't return her memories to her and agreed, telling him that, as a dog who gained intelligence, he was the unpredictable element.[100]

Hearing Len question if it was all his fault, she told him there was no use crying over spilled milk;[101] carrying on she told the other Vocaloid that Rin would be destroyed soon, explaining that with Camui missing the Vocaloids' activities were exposed.[102] She then admitted that, regardless, she didn't have any influence in the data world, suggesting it was for Rin alone to deal with.[103] When Len questioned this sentiment, she simply replied that Rin was the "world's most pure machine gun".[104]

When Len asked if he could save Rin, Miku denied this and stated the best he could do was give her a final happiness, this being the reason she shot the USB at him.[105] Noting that Camui also had one, she explained that she would pull the trigger and insert a USB in her own headphones to link them all together;[106] after Len questioned if he would be inside Rin, she retorted that he would have to even if he didn't prefer it, it being her only chance to meet Ronald again.[107]

When Len protested, the former idol sneered and repeated Rin's words that his eyes were garbage.[108] Faced with Len's silence, she insisted that he not focus on the blurred future in front of him and instead run without thinking like he did as a dog, telling him to stop thinking like a human in order to reach the outcome.[109] As Len strengthened his resolve to reach his own happy end by helping Rin, she heard him wonder what Rin's happy end was and replied no one would know that but her.[110]

Stating they were out of time, Miku told Len he'd know soon before hearing the Vocaloid muse that she had changed, reminding him of the Hatsune Miku he knew in the past.[111] After he also complimented her hairstyle, Miku agreed that she had become more conscientious and pointed out that Len changed too, becoming more secure.[112] Bidding Len farewell,[113] Miku then prepared to shoot her own headphones with the USB to enter Rin's interior in the data world. Smiling,[114] she pulled the trigger and then collapsed onto the table as she "slept" beside Len.[115]

Part 4Edit

"While Hatsune Miku was sleeping, was she still "nothing"?..."

Now inside the data world, Miku wandered through the artificial space until finding the fragment of Ronald.[116] Knowing that Teppannov was watching her through Tashiro's camera,[117] she told him to listen and be bewitched by things like he'd never seen if he watched until the end.[118] Now gazing into Ronald's eyes and smiling, she held her hand out to the fragment and asked him to dance with her.[119] She then noted that the fragment and her were different from before and asked him if he was fine with being manipulated as he had been,[120] reminding him of the countless other Ronalds that existed.[121]

Miku Ronald

Miku then suggested they both try to move beyond this fact; as the Ronald remained silent, the frustrated girl demanded he laugh.[122] She then insisted they dance together and spin in each other's arms,[123] confident it would win him over while suggesting that such was also warm.[124] Nonetheless uncertain about the future as she spoke to her reticent beloved, Miku recalled Len's valiant effort for Rin and resolved to also fight,[125] trying to encourage Ronald and claiming she would trample on fate.[126]

Ultimately, finding Ronald unable to leave with her, Miku decided to stay behind with him instead.[127] Resigning to this, she noted how she and the fragment of Ronald both had the role of "the one who's nothing" in this story of twos.[128] She then moved herself and the fragment out of Rin's interior while nonetheless staying within the artificial world.[129] On the outside, Miku's body continued "sleeping" as she remained behind with Ronald.[130]



"I'm empty. I'm "the one who's nothing"."

After becoming an idol in Japan, Miku became haughty over her many adoring fans and acted to become popular as a docile teen personality. Always busy because of her schedule as an idol, she was casually dismissive towards all who approached her and directed them to her office rather than speak with them herself.[131] She also, as a Vocaloid, carried out a duty to sing the feelings of other people and make them happy,[132] performing this role as well when she sang sad songs to entertain the children of Russia.[133] She nonetheless acted self-confident and unruffled by anything that happened to her.[134]

In reality, Miku's haughty and carefree exterior hid deep rooted insecurities about herself and sadness from always losing those she cared about,[135] as well as a feeling of emptiness in her own role.[136] As part of this, Miku was unsatisfied comparing herself to the likes of Rin and Len, who were created by Elena for a specific purpose.[137] As a result of these issues she had a difficult time relating to people, such as being awkward and ineffective in her attempts to comfort Rin.[138] Additionally, she was ecstatic upon forming her new relationship with Ronald because of how kind he was to her, not often finding this kindness from others.[139]

Eventually, after Miku's relationship with Ronald deepened and she then fell into depression at his disappearance, these feelings of insecurity came to a head and left her bitter and lonely.[140] Nonetheless, as she deepened her understanding of the events happening around her, Miku threw off her depression and grew tougher in personality,[141] accepting her circumstances and resolving to be selfish,[142] while at the same time not hesitating as those like Len had hesitated to help Rin and Ronald.[143] As a result, Miku became gruffer and more focused as well as being more considerate of others,[144] carrying her strong will into the data world.[145]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"I'm ten thousand, it's kind of really profitable!"

Being an android diva, Miku was a capable singer and able to become extremely popular in Japan as an idol,[146] as well as even being popular in Russia prior to her transfer to a new uploader.[147] As part of this, she knew how to play the role of an idol and appeal to her fans with the right facade. This extended to her fashion sense as she was able to built up a glamorous appearance and allure that bewitched many people, including Ronald McDonald and Len.[148]

Miku was also a highly intelligent individual and skilled in conducting research,[149] while also containing a large amount of information due to her original programming as Teppannov's Vocaloid.[150] As part of this, she was able to discover the truth of Rin and Len's past lives,[151] as well as Ronald and America's true nature,[152] by listening in at the right moments or conscripting the cameraman Tashiro's aid.[153] As a Vocaloid she also had a degree of skill in electronics, whether software or hardware.[154]

Despite this, Miku was unable to excel in her studies as a result of her stardom and, due to this, had to repeat her school year twice and stay in Junior High despite her high school "age".[155] Her success also did not extend to the stock market, not making nearly as much as Rin.[156] She additionally, while able to enter inside the data world and link everyone else into it,[157] had no actual influence in the artificial world compared to Kagamine Rin.[158]


"Your hairstyle's cute too."
―Len regarding Miku's cut hair[src]

Miku was a tall Vocaloid and somewhat buxom, fitting her high-school appearance and desirable nature. She had clear pale skin and teal eyes, as well as teal hair; she typically wore her hair in two long twin tails,[159] before letting it down and then,[160] eventually, cutting it short to just past her ears.[161] As typical for a Vocaloid, Miku had a black headset attached to her head with pale red lights, into which a USB drive or disk could be inserted to change or update her programming.[162]


During and off school hours Miku wore her school uniform of a white dress shirt, black blazer, teal tie, black stockings, black high-heeled boots, a silver loop chain belt,[163] later replaced with a yellow "M" chain belt, and a green plaid pleated skirt.[164] In colder temperatures she wore a big white coat over her uniform with a McDonald's badge on the left of the chest. At some point she also switched the plaid skirt for a plainer teal one.[165]

For her date with Ronald and for a small time afterwards, Miku wore a costume similar in style to her traditional Vocaloid design. It was a white sleeveless shirt lined in yellow with a red tie and a McDonald's "M" sewn near the top, along with a pink shirt, candy-cane striped tights, black high-heels, and bangle bracelets.[166] 


Ronald McDonaldEdit

"As I'm "the one who's nothing," this is my role. And yours too, just the same."

Miku's beloved. Sometime after meeting Ronald, Miku became infatuated with the clown and they started officially dating.[167] Over the course of their courtship, Miku fell deeply in love with Ronald and subsequently adopted a love for America and McDonalds.[168] Initially falling in love with Ronald as a result of his kind exterior and attention which gave her the validation she sought,[169] Miku's relationship with the clown deepened as she realized that the two of them were similar in their empty lives.[170]

Kimi ni Watashi ni 4

Miku and Ronald shared good times together

As part of this she began to understand that, as she was used to sing the feelings of others, he was in similar straits as a tool of his government.[171] Due to this, she was willing to look past his antagonisms of Rin and Len and loved him anyway,[172] deciding that they would no longer worry about their past histories together and simply get beyond his being used.[173] She also, although perplexed by his tendency to laugh when things weren't funny,[174] came to rely on his brevity.[175]

As a consequence of her love, Miku was devastated by Ronald's disappearance and fell into a serious bout of depression and self-loathing.[176] She nonetheless never gave up hope of finding Ronald and searched for a way to meet with him again,[177] becoming attached to the USB drive containing just a fragment of him as a result of this.[178] She similarly struggled to respark the earlier relationship she had with Ronald with the fragment and became upset,[179] and finally resigned,[180] when she realized it was to an extent futile.[181]

Kagamine RinEdit

"I'm a good for nothing like Rin"

A fellow Vocaloid of Miku's, with whom she shared a caustic relationship. Being far more successful and popular than the Russia-otaku, Miku was at first dismissive of Rin and often teased her in Junior High, finding it laughable that they were in the same school together.[182] As part of this, she considered the girl good for nothing and continually called her a pig and insulted her when given the chance.[183]

Despite this, on seeing Len reject and humiliate Rin she nonetheless tried to comfort the other girl, although not knowing what to say to make her feel better.[184] Over time, as well, Miku began to understand Rin's true nature and her past in Russia,[185] growing to believe she was a much stronger person than her in her self-deprecation.[186] Later understanding that Rin would destroy herself soon, Miku worked to delay this and give the girl a better ending with Len,[187] although ultimately more preoccupied with Ronald in the data world.

Kagamine LenEdit

""I'll run without thinking." That's the dog in you, isn't it? Stop thinking like a human."
―Miku to Len[src]

A fellow Vocaloid of Miku's. Despite Len's crush on her, Miku didn't pay Len any attention romantically and thought that he was an idiot.[188] Following her sink into depression after Ronald's death she continued this opinion of Len and thought that he was foolish for trying cheap tactics to cheer her up,[189] believing that he wasn't strong enough or smart enough to understand her worries.[190] As she began to learn more about his and Rin's situation than the boy himself knew, she likewise was disgusted with his hesitation and idiocy.[191]

Despite this, Miku was nonetheless impressed by Len's tenacity when he was acting within his dog programming,[192] as well as his resolve to fight even if the outcome wasn't always clear for him.[193] As a result, she was quick to remind him of this reckless nature when he hesitated and,[194] later, she herself decided to follow his example and never give up, no matter what happened.[195] Ultimately, Miku thought well of Len in their last meeting and, while holding his hand through a majority of her explanation, parted with him on amicable terms as the two left to find their respective loves.[196]

The UploaderEdit

"After 100 years or so the uploader's still gonna be base, eh?! lol"

Miku's uploader after she moved to Japan. Miku had a poor opinion of her current uploader despite her popularity as an idol, believing that he was "base" and that the tunes he made her produce were bad and irrelevant to the rest of the story.[197] She also mocked him for his incompetence in reprogramming and lack of information in general,[198] the man not knowing the feelings of her previous owner Teppannov.[199]

Urusei TeppannovEdit

"The voice of your heart I'll obediently sing"

Miku's previous uploader when she lived in Russia. Miku served Teppannov well as part of her original programming and the two shared a close relationship,[200] the former shining while under the latter's employ,[201] conveying the feelings that the man couldn't express himself,[202] and singing his songs.[203] Despite the terrible things he'd done in Putin's employ Miku didn't judge her old owner for them and understood that his actions were a result of his circumstances, though admitting the political intrigue was unfortunate.[204] She also perceived him as gentle, particularly in his song making.[205]

After being separated from Teppanov, Miku continued to have lingering feelings for him as her former caretaker,[206] eventually counting him among the loved ones she'd lost over her years as a Vocaloid.[207] Taking courage from how she used to live in his employ,[208] Miku also hoped for Teppanov to see her through to the end and was certain he was watching her meeting with Ronald through Tashiro's recording. In part, her ending with Ronald was thus also to serve as a farewell message to her old owner.[209]


"I expect he'd be able to peek anywhere"
―Miku on Tashiro's skills[src]

A man whom Miku makes use of for her research and as a means to convey her own message. Miku was impressed with Tashiro's intellect and wealth of information, expecting that due to his skills as a voyeur he'd be able to learn anything and record anything despite the physical or social obstacles involved.[210] Due to this, she made use of his voyeurism to learn more info and had him record her inside the data world for Teppannov's sake.[211] Despite this, the two never showed any meaningful interactions.



  • In January 2010, Miku won second place in a "Favorite Putin-P Series character" poll held on Putin-P's blog.


  • Miku is the only Vocaloid character to make a physical change alongside her costume change.



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  37. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - ドキがムネムネするわー 見てっ! わたしの目を 手をっ! 離さないで☆ さてと ポテト 食べようか!
  38. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - 観覧車で ギュッと抱きしめて☆ ささやいた 君にキスをあげる 舐める☆
  39. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - ジャズバー☆ゴーゴー!
  40. To You, To Me. PV
  41. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - 帰さないんだからっ! 朝までね☆ 明日、日曜日さ!
  42. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - 泣いたのは二回目よ 何で君は笑えるの?
  43. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - 最後までささやいて 大好きと...
  44. The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish. Booklet
  45. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 息をすることも忘れる程 ポテトを食べて思い出すの 君の話す言葉は少なく 私は想像の中なの
  46. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - アイドル辞める つけ麺も食べない
  47. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. PV
  48. We Met Again, eh?☆
  49. The One Who's Nothing. - 消えたと思ったら 部室に、こもりきりかよ?
  50. The One Who's Nothing. PV
  51. Assassin! PV
  52. The One Who's Nothing. - あれ、あんたに向けてる バカ ここにいちゃダメよ
  53. The One Who's Nothing. - もう、あの子も自由よ 幸せなのよ...きっと
  54. The One Who's Nothing. - ロシアの悲しい事件 伝える 為 生まれた
  55. The One Who's Nothing. - 世界を 壊していた 世界で一番 無垢な マシンガンとして
  56. The One Who's Nothing. - でもあの子は 分けられたの 「こわすもの」と 「ぬすむもの」と彼... 誰かに「つたえるもの」に
  57. The One Who's Nothing. - 私は空(から)よ☆ 「なにもないもの」よ★
  58. The One Who's Nothing. - 俺はあんたのファンとして ここにいるんだぜ
  59. The One Who's Nothing. - さてと酒でも飲もう! 羽生(はぶ)の話をしよう!!
  60. The One Who's Nothing. - 犬 知ろうとしないの? 豚 だけに背負わせて
  61. The One Who's Nothing. - 誰もが幸せで死にたい☆ でもそうはいかないものよ? いつまでも 続くなんて嘘よm
  62. The One Who's Nothing. - それより酒よ! それしかないの? [...] 早く行きなよ ね?
  63. To You, To Me. - 君が残したカケラが 今はとても愛おしい [...] 豚に撃ち込まれた弾 そこにカケラ...彼がいるはずよ!
  64. The Other Side of the Mirror> PV
  65. To You, To Me. PV
  66. To You, To Me. - 何も言えぬ君だけど わたしだけに話してくれたね
  67. To You, To Me. - あの子には現実(いま)があるから きっと すぐに 壊れてしまうわ
  68. To You, To Me. - あの子達の親の ファイルを調べるよ☆ シャクだけれども...
  69. A Place to Chat! - 本当はあのハゲが「鏡音レン」になっていたかもね。 でも選択したのは、あの子のこころ、 見た目はおまけに過ぎないわ。
  70. To You, To Me. PV
  71. To You, To Me. - キテル☆ わたしの時代! [...] 未来☆ 変えられるよ
  72. To You, To Me. - あひゃひゃばべ~
  73. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - ねー?あなたの最後の歌はアレじゃないのね☆
  74. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - 一度消えると決めた、お前にそれを止める [...] 見せてあげるよ駄犬 次元並みの速射で☆
  75. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  76. Who's the Liar? PV
  77. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  78. The Voice in My Heart. PV
  79. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  80. A Place to Chat! -  だからあんたにもUSBを撃った。
  81. A Place to Chat! PV
  82. Puulog☆ - May 26, 2010- これはあくまで、ミクの想像です。「じゃましないでね☆」でミクが語った事ですね。 もちろんPそれぞれのミクの使い方はありますが、多くのPは、ボーカロイドを擬人化し、ボーカロイドという キャラクターを通して歌を歌わせます。でも、今回のミクはそうじゃないです。
  83. A Place to Chat! PV
  84. A Place to Chat! - ここは作られた世界。 私たちが存在できる世界。
  85. A Place to Chat! PV
  86. A Place to Chat! - 大丈夫じゃないわよ。 でも、少しだけ時間を稼げたと思う。
  87. A Place to Chat! - それよりあんたはどう思った?あの話を。
  88. A Place to Chat! - ここは作られた世界。 私たちが存在できる世界。
  89. A Place to Chat! - 「やんす」はヤメて! 彼らは一方的に話しかけるの。 そしてボーカロイドは歌うのdd
  90. A Place to Chat! - だから今の鏡音リンに入ってるものが持つ記憶は すべてあの女が外から見て描いたもの。 そして、、、私がいるここだけで 展開されるあの子の夢、、、前の持ち主の 小さな反抗。。
  91. A Place to Chat! - 無理だわ。別に分からなくたって良いもの。
  92. A Place to Chat! - こっちで起こっている事が全て分かる? そんな都合のいいことないわ。だって私だって 向こう側のことは推測するしか無いんだもの。。
  93. A Place to Chat! - 本当はあのハゲが「鏡音レン」になっていたかもね。 でも選択したのは、あの子のこころ、 見た目はおまけに過ぎないわ。
  94. A Place to Chat! - あんたのモデルはただただあの子のモデルが好きだった。
  95. A Place to Chat! - 無垢であるあんたにここで一緒にいて欲しかった。 でも、知識を得たあんたは一人歩きしてしまう。
  96. A Place to Chat! - 世界中にバラまかれ、愛された「世界で一番悲しい子供達と犬のストーリー」、 それはきっと現実に起きた。それが広まって困る人達が居る。
  97. A Place to Chat! - 悲しいけど、所詮犬なのよ。でもそれがあちらでは普通なの。 生きていく為には、、、誰かの犬にならなければいけない。
  98. A Place to Chat! -  結局、あんた達はウィルスとして再びバラまかれた。 そしてここだけ、私がいるここだけで あんた達はウィルスと別れる事が出来た。
  99. A Place to Chat! -  そしてあの子は、ここに居る為に うp主に再度自分の記憶を書き換えさせた。
  100. A Place to Chat! - そうよ。あんただけが、予測の付かないものだったの。 だって犬でしょ。知識を得た犬の行動なんて誰にも分からない
  101. A Place to Chat! - こぼれたミルクを嘆いても何にもならないわ。
  102. A Place to Chat! - にかく、あの子はまもなく自滅する。 「伝えるもの」がいなくなって、彼らからすると異常な事が 起きてるってばれたからね。
  103. A Place to Chat! -  でも事実を知られた所で何の影響もない 場所だったから、あの子だけ始末するってことのようね。
  104. A Place to Chat! - 「世界で一番無垢なマシンガン」の本体よ!
  105. A Place to Chat! - 少なくとも「あんた」に救う事はできないわね。 ただ、最後の「幸せ」を見せる事は出来るかもしれない。 だからあんたにもUSBを撃った。
  106. A Place to Chat! -  あのハゲにももう取り付けたわ。 あとは私が引き金を引くだけ。 そこで全員が繋がる。
  107. A Place to Chat! -  リンの中に行くの? (ミク) 趣味悪いけどしょうがないわね。 だってドナルドに会える最後のチャンスだもの☆
  108. A Place to Chat! - おまえの目はゴミのようだな(嘲笑)
  109. A Place to Chat! -  霞んだ未来しかあんたには見えないの? [...] 「なにも考えずに走る」 それが、犬じゃないの?ヒトみたいな考え方はやめな
  110. A Place to Chat! - でもリンの、、リンのハッピーエンドはなんなんだろう。 (ミク) さあね、、、それは誰にも分からない。
  111. A Place to Chat! - なんか、変わったな。あんた。 この世界に来る前、聴いていた「初音ミク」って感じがするよ
  112. A Place to Chat! - 人の事も考えられるようになったのね。 あんたも変わったわ。少しだけ、安心した。
  113. A Place to Chat! - じゃあがんばってね、レン、さよなら。
  114. A Place to Chat! PV
  115. With the You I Can't See. PV
  116. With the You I Can't See. PV
  117. With the You I Can't See. - あなたの視線感じているわ 私には分かる 田代いるし!
  118. With the You I Can't See. - だから最後まで見て! みたことないもの 魅せてあげるから そのまま 耳を かっぽじって 聴けよ★
  119. With the You I Can't See. - あなたのカケラと踊りましょうYO!
  120. With the You I Can't See. - 前とは違う 私と同じ [...] あやつられてさ それで満足かな?
  121. With the You I Can't See. - 君の代わりなんて 沢山いるのに?
  122. With the You I Can't See. - はみだしてみよ? 笑え!!!
  123. With the You I Can't See. - 私と踊るうち 離れられなくなるかも★ [...] まわる とけるまで
  124. With the You I Can't See. - ひとつになりましょう とてもあたたかいでしょう?
  125. With the You I Can't See. - レンでさえも戦った たとえ未来がみえなくても そしてね わたしはいつまでも ね★
  126. With the You I Can't See. - もういちど うんめいを ふみつけて いくの!
  127. In Your Eyes. - 初音ミクは眠ったまま 何もなかったのか...
  128. With the You I Can't See. - ふたりの物語 私はなにもないもので これが私の役目で 君も同じだね
  129. With the You I Can't See. PV
  130. In Your Eyes. - 初音ミクは眠ったまま 何もなかったのか...
  131. Magic is Heresy - はじめまして 写真はダメ! 事務所に聞いて 暇じゃないの
  132. To You, To Me. - 人の気持ち歌えるよ♪ わたし...ボーカロイドの役目ね☆ [...] あの子達に幸せを 与えるのが役目だと
  133. The One Who's Nothing. - 悲しい ロシアでよく聞いた歌 リンと二人楽しみだった☆
  134. Magic is Heresy - 豚と同じ 中学なんて 馬鹿にしてる! [...] だって 留年(ダブ)りだし! アイドルなのにね てへ☆
  135. To You, To Me. -
  136. The One Who's Nothing. - 私は空(から)よ☆
  137. The One Who's Nothing. - 「こわすもの」と 「ぬすむもの」と彼... 誰かに「つたえるもの」に [...] 「なにもないもの」よ★
  138. Not Together - 馬鹿ね・・・ かける罵声もないわ
  139. Not Together - わたしの 今彼は やさしい(M)
  140. The Eyes That Don't Vanish.
  141. To You, To Me. - できない>< なんて思わない様... ココロ湧かせる希望☆
  142. To You, To Me. - 自分しか見たくないの☆ 他人の事なんて考えないで
  143. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - 怠け者の神様を信じているの? それじゃ遅いの!掴めないどー☆ 奴のケツを引っぱたいて奴隷にする!
  144. A Place to Chat! - 人の事も考えられるようになったのね。
  145. With the You I Can't See. - もういちど うんめいを ふみつけて いくの!
  146. The Night That Can't Be Seen, The Eyes That Don't Vanish. Booklet
  147. The Voice in My Heart. - あの子達も好きだったみたいね ボーカロイドというもの
  148. Magic is Heresy - はじめまして 写真はダメ! 事務所に聞いて 暇じゃないの
  149. To You, To Me. - あの子達の親の ファイルを調べるよ☆
  150. The One Who's Nothing. PV Subtitles
  151. A Place to Chat!
  152. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - アメリカの話聞いて 君の事、分かってきた
  153. To You, To Me. - ひざまずけ田代! 誰よりも物知りの このセカイの頭脳
  154. A Place to Chat! - だからあんたにもUSBを撃った。 [...] あとは私が引き金を引くだけ。 そこで全員が繋がる。
  155. Magic is Heresy - だって 留年(ダブ)りだし! アイドルなのにね てへ☆
  156. Together! - 初音ミクよりは 株で 儲けますです!!
  157. A Place to Chat! - あとは私が引き金を引くだけ。 そこで全員が繋がる。
  158. A Place to Chat! -  でも事実を知られた所で何の影響もない 場所だったから、あの子だけ始末するってことのようね。
  159. Magic is Heresy PV
  160. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. PV
  161. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  162. With the You I Can't See. PV
  163. Magic is Heresy PV
  164. Not Together PV
  165. With the You I Can't See. PV
  166. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. PV
  167. Not Together - わたしの 今彼は やさしい(M)
  168. Not Together
  169. Not Together - わたしの 今彼は やさしい(M)
  170. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - わたし、気持ち分かるわ... アメリカの話聞いて 君の事、分かってきた
  171. With the You I Can't See. - あやつられてさ それで満足かな?
  172. To You, To Me. - カツラ野郎哀れw 撃ち込むだけなんてね! でも...あなたも同じね><
  173. With the You I Can't See. - はみだしてみよ?
  174. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - 泣いたのは二回目よ 何で君は笑えるの?
  175. With the You I Can't See. - 笑え!!!
  176. The Eyes that Don't Vanish.
  177. In the Night That Can't Be Seen. - あきらめない わたし捜す 君に またね 逢えるはずよ☆
  178. To You, To Me. - 君が残したカケラが 今はとても愛おしい
  179. With the You I Can't See. PV
  180. With the You I Can't See. - 眠っているあなたのココロ 起こして上げる★
  181. With the You I Can't See. - レンでさえも戦った たとえ未来がみえなくても そしてね わたしはいつまでも ね★
  182. Magic is Heresy - 豚と同じ 中学なんて 馬鹿にしてる!
  183. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 豚みたいくだらないわ そう
  184. Not Together - 馬鹿ね・・・ かける罵声もないわ
  185. The One Who's Nothing. - ロシアの悲しい事件 伝える 為 生まれた
  186. The One Who's Nothing. - 豚 だけに背負わせて 人の心配なんて 強い者がすること
  187. A Place to Chat! - でも、少しだけ時間を稼げたと思う。 [...] ただ、最後の「幸せ」を見せる事は出来るかもしれない。 だからあんたにもUSBを撃った。
  188. The One Who's Nothing. - バカ ここにいちゃダメよ
  189. The One Who's Nothing. - 犬 知ろうとしないの? [...] それより酒よ! それしかないの?
  190. The One Who's Nothing. - 豚 だけに背負わせて 人の心配なんて 強い者がすること
  191. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - 怠け者の神様を信じているの? それじゃ遅いの!掴めないどー☆ 奴のケツを引っぱたいて奴隷にする!
  192. A Place to Chat! - 「なにも考えずに走る」 それが、犬じゃないの?ヒトみたいな考え方はやめな
  193. With the You I Can't See. - レンでさえも戦った たとえ未来がみえなくても
  194. A Place to Chat! - 霞んだ未来しかあんたには見えないの? そんなことないでしょ。
  195. With the You I Can't See. - そしてね わたしはいつまでも ね★
  196. A Place to Chat! -  あんたも変わったわ。少しだけ、安心した。 じゃあがんばってね、レン、さよなら。
  197. A Place to Chat! - はぁ、、、場面にあってない糞曲乙! うp主あと100年くらいは底辺ね!w
  198. A Place to Chat! -  まぁーうp主は馬鹿だからビビってエンター連打してただけだけどねw
  199. To You, To Me. - うp主には分からないな 前の持ち主の気持ちはね☆
  200. The Voice in My Heart ○ - ミクに 言いたい ボクは踏み出せたのだとね [...] 君無しでも大丈夫さ
  201. The Voice in My Heart ○ - 君は機械でも 輝いていたね★
  202. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - あなたのココロの声 素直にわたし歌う
  203. A Man of Few Words. PV
  204. A Place To Chat! - 悲しいけど、所詮犬なのよ。でもそれがあちらでは普通なの。
  205. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - ねー☆歌うよ!あなたの言葉を想像して あの頃みたいにやさしくしてあげるよ☆
  206. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ - あなたとの決別、わたしは納得してないから
  207. To You, To Me. - なにも入ってないわたしだって いつも苦しんでいる☆
  208. A Place to Chat! -  なんか、変わったな。あんた。 この世界に来る前、聴いていた「初音ミク」って感じがするよ [...] 人の事も考えられるようになったのね。
  209. With the You I Can't See. - With the You I Can't See. - あなたの視線感じているわ 私には分かる 田代いるし! どこにいてもあなたが好きよ だから最後まで見て!
  210. To You, To Me. - ひざまずけ田代! 誰よりも物知りの このセカイの頭脳 どこでも覗けるはず
  211. With the You I Can't See. PV

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