The history and bare sequence of events in the Putin-P series, between the events of the Russian era that makes up its backstory and the Vocaloid era that makes up the setting for the present day conflict. Included in the timeline are also important historical dates for the series, as the series makes liberal use of fact as well fiction in the construction of its world.


Russian EraEdit

The Soviet Union referenced in the series was a Marxist-Leninist communist state, including Russia and several bordering countries, that was begun following the overthrow of the Russian Empire in 1917. Following decades of an oppressive militaristic government that became antagonistic towards America in the Cold War, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. The politician Vladimir Putin had a significant role in the Soviet Union and by the early 21st Century resides as president of Russia.

The McDonalds franchise was established during the Cold War era in 1976. After 14 years of intense negotiations with the heads of the Communist Party, a new branch of the franchise was opened in Moscow on January 1, 1990 shortly after the end of the Cold War. With more than 230 outlets across Russia, McDonald by the 21st Century controlled about two thirds of Russia's quick service restaurant market.

During the Cold War the characters Elena and Urusei Teppannov were presumed to have been born. Irina, along with her dog and comrade, are presumed to have been born and grown up after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The character Hatsune Miku is presumed to have been created somewhere during these time periods, as well as Red Rin and the data file of Irina, her dog, and her comrade. The character of Ronald McDonald and his duplicates are also presumed to have been created during the Cold War with the establishment of the McDonald's franchise, and were likely present in Russia after the first McDonald's restaurant opened in Moscow.

1917 The Soviet Union is established under the Bolsheviks.
1975 Putin becomes an agent of the KGB, to later rise to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
1976 McDonalds as a franchise begins.
19## Elena and Urusei Teppannov are born and at some point taken into an orphanage.
19## Camui Gackpo is created in the Soviet Union.
19## As adults Elena becomes an officer working under Russia, Teppannov becomes a hitman.

Teppannov acquires the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

19## Irina and her comrade are born.
1990 McDonalds opens its first restaurant in the city of Moscow.
1991 The Soviet Union collapses.

Vladimir Putin becomes head of the Committee for External Relations.

199# Irina and her comrade are recruited as child-soldiers under Putin.
199# Irina finds and adopts a dog.
199# Irina's dog steals her comrade's scarf and is killed; Irina kills her comrades and commits suicide.
199# Miku is separated from Teppannov.
199# Elena uploads data files of Irina, her dog, and her comrade to the internet.
199# Teppannov inserts a virus into Elena's data files.
199# Elena and Teppannov reunite.
199# Elena commits suicide.
199#-200# Elena's data files separate from their viruses.
199#-200# Irina data file enters Kagamine Rin.

The dog data file enters Kagamine Len.
The comrade data file enters Camui Gackpo.

199#-200# Kagamine Rin and Len find a new uploader in Japan.

Hatsune Miku finds a new uploader in Japan, to later become an idol.

199#-200# Ronald McDonald shows up in Japan.
199#-200# Kagamine Rin and Len have their memories wiped of their pasts.
199#-200# Kagamine Rin as "Red Rin" and Ronald McDonald come into conflict.
2000 Vladimir Putin becomes president of Russia.

Vocaloid EraEdit

The Vocaloid program referenced in the series is a vocal software made to enable producers to synthesize singing with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers, with illustrated avatars often presented as the "face" of the synthesized singer. Yamaha began development of the program in March of 2000 with the first VOCALOID engine, before releasing VOCALOID2 in 2007. The voicebank Hatsune Miku was released in August 2007 as the first Japanese Vocaloid, with Kagamine Rin and Len released on December 2007. The voicebank Camui Gackpo was released in July 2008.

The Vocaloids of the series are given wildly different release dates, with Hatsune Miku presumed to be created sometime during the 20th Century and Camui Gackpo made during the Soviet era, judging by his tattoo.

Kagamine Rin, Len, and Hatsune Miku are all presumed to become singing sensations in the 21st Century by the release of the Putin-P Series' first video, "It's the End!", in 2008, fitting more closely with the release of their software counterparts.

199#-200# Kagamine Rin regains memories and has them subsequently wiped again.
2008 Rin celebrates New Year's.
200# Valentine's day; Rin gives Len chocolate and he malfunctions.
200# Rin attacks and buries Ronald in spring.

Ronald returns and Rin is arrested after another fight; Len is also arrested later.
Len inserts his Uploader's disc and regains all of his memories.
Kagamine Rin and Len are released on probation.

200# Rin and Len begin attending Junior High with Miku.
200# Rin tries to impress Len by acting like Miku and is seemingly rejected.

Len is deceived by Ronald.

200# Rin is nominated for school council
200# Len gives Rin back all of her memories and they have a date in Tokyo Dome City.

Ronald McDonald disappears as a result of his normalization.
Hatsune Miku records "The Last Song" and quits being an idol.

200# Rin makes a live broadcast of "Assassin!" in Winter.

Rin is assaulted by Camui Gackpo and divides between the data Irina and Red Rin in her interior.
Miku salvages Camui and researches Rin and Len's past; Camui obtains a USB drive to send himself into Rin's interior.
Miku reveals her information to Len before sending herself, Len, and a fragment of Ronald's data into Rin's interior.
Len finds Rin and Camui; after watching him defeat Camui, Rin's data vanishes.
Miku finds Ronald and the two remain in the data world, leaving Rin's interior.
Len leaves Rin's interior and walks through Tokyo with the blank Rin.

200# Urusei Teppannov attempts to assassinate Putin and is killed.

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