A Place to Chat
Song title
Original title:【初音ミク・鏡音レン】幻覚カタストロフィー【オリジナルPV】

Romaji: Genkaku Katasuterofi
English: Illusion Catastrophe
Also known as: しゃべりば!
Romaji: Shaberiba!
English: A Place to Chat!

Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Illusion Catastrophe, a video created by the Uploader, is interrupted by Miku for A Place to Chat!, instead. Having finished seeing Elena and Teppannov's respective stories, Miku and Len discuss Rin's current state and the story Len just witnessed. While "the viewers" watch, Len and Miku communicate at hyper speed as the latter explains to Len how Elena constructed the memories of Irina, the dog, and Irina's comrade in Rin, Len, and Camui, respectively, as well as noting how Len retained his current appearance due to Rin's own wish for him.

She explains how they came from this to their present circumstances, Rin in particular with the help of the uploader, until Len disrupted everything by giving Rin back her memories. Noting that Rin would destroy herself soon, the two discuss that, while Len can't help her, he could show her a final happiness instead. As Miku plans to link herself, Len, and Camui together in Rin's interior, she encourages the reluctant Len to go to Rin while she plans to look for the fragment of Ronald. The two bid each other farewell and Miku shoots the USB into her headphones.


迷い続けた 歯車 に
花 は冷めた笑みをあげた
あなたには見えない 愛 を








(レン) うん

(ミク) だから今の鏡音リンに入ってるものが持つ記憶は

(レン) もうちょっと俺やリスナーにも分かりやすく言ってくれないかな?

(ミク) 無理だわ。別に分からなくたって良いもの。

(レン) うーん、、、俺にはほとんど分からない。

(ミク) 本当はあのハゲが「鏡音レン」になっていたかもね。

(レン) 俺は望まれたの?

(ミク) あんたのモデルはただただあの子のモデルが好きだった。

(レン) 俺は、、、

(ミク) 世界中にバラまかれ、愛された「世界で一番悲しい子供達と犬のストーリー」、

(レン) あんたの前の持ち主はその為に行動したって事?

(ミク) 悲しいけど、所詮犬なのよ。でもそれがあちらでは普通なの。


(レン) じゃあ、、、俺がその記憶を見せなければ

(ミク) そうよ。あんただけが、予測の付かないものだったの。

(レン) 俺のせいなのか。。

(ミク) こぼれたミルクを嘆いても何にもならないわ。


(レン) リンだけ?

(ミク) 「世界で一番無垢なマシンガン」の本体よ!

(レン) 救えないの? 俺はどうしたらいいんだ。。

(ミク) 少なくとも「あんた」に救う事はできないわね。

(レン) リンの中に行くの?

(ミク) 趣味悪いけどしょうがないわね。

(レン) あってどうするんだよ。。

(ミク) おまえの目はゴミのようだな(嘲笑)

(レン) …….

(ミク) 霞んだ未来しかあんたには見えないの?


(レン) 分かった。行くよ。


(ミク) さあね、、、それは誰にも分からない。


(レン) なんか、変わったな。あんた。

(ミク) 人の事も考えられるようになったのね。

Mayoi tsutsuketa haguruma ni
Hana wa sameta emi o ageta
Anata ni wa mienai ai o
Kitsukanai youni sukoshi dake kanjite
tte DOROGUBA jaan

To the gear that continued to waver
The flowers gave a cold smile
The love you couldn’t see
So that you won’t notice it, feel it just a little
That’s Drogba isn’t iiiiit?

Eh,,, That's a crappy little tune that's not a part of this setting!
After 100 years or so the uploader's still gonna be base, eh?! lol

Hey,,, is Rin alright?

She's not alright.
But I think she's gained just a little bit of time.
Aside from that, what did you think? Of that story.

I don't really know><
I just...Felt nostalgic.

This place is a manufactured world.
A world where we can exist.

Yo I already got that!

Knock it off with the "yo"!
They're going to accost me one-sidedly.
And the VOCALOIDS are going to sing, dd

(Len) Uh huh

(Miku) So the memories held by what's entered the current Kagamine Rin
Are all constructed by what that woman saw and depicted from her exterior.
And so,,,unfurling at just this place where I am,
Her dreams,,,are my previous owner's
Small rebellion..

(Len) Can't you speak just a bit easier to understand for the listeners and me?

(Miku) I can't do that. It’s a good thing that you don't really understand.
Do you know all of what happened here?
Such circumstances aren't convenient. Even for me
These are things that were nothing but guesses by the opposite side..

(Len) Yeeeah,,, I mostly don't understand it either.
It's just, I looked at this scarf, and I was the dog, but
I remember that my appearance is the spitting image of that person I saw back then..

(Miku) Maybe the truth is that the baldy had become "Kagamine Len".
But what she chose, in her heart,
Your appearance is nothing more than a bonus.

(Len) She wished for me?

(Miku) Your model simply liked her model.
She wanted to be here with the pure you.
But, you who gained intelligence will be walking all alone.

(Len) I,,,

(Miku) It's being distributed all over the world, the beloved "the world's saddest story of children and a dog"
I'm sure that really happened. There are people troubled by its propagation.

(Len) You mean your former owner acted for that?

(Miku) It was sad, but you were a dog after all. But that's ordinary over there.
In order to live on,,,you had to become someone's dog.

Eventually, you guys were broadcasted again as viruses.
And just here, at just this place where I am,
You guys were able to separate from the viruses.
And she, in order to stay here
Made the uploader rewrite her memories of herself a second time.
Although weeell, the uploader’s an idiot, so they got cold feet and just pressed a barrage of enters, lol.

(Len) So,,, If I hadn't shown her those memories,
You're saying she would have stayed here forever?

(Miku) Yes. You alone were the one that was unpredictable.
I guess 'cause you're a dog. No one understands the actions of a dog who's obtained intelligence
Because you carry a heart that can't be controlled.

(Len) Is it my fault?..

(Miku) There's no use crying over spilled milk.
Anyway, before long she'll destroy herself.
See, with "the one who reports" gone missing, because of them, these strange things The fact they occurred has been exposed.

But in a place that doesn't know reality, I don't have any kind of influence
Because it was such a place, it seems only she can deal with it, huh?

(Len) Only Rin?

(Miku) It’s the true form of the "the most pure machine gun in the world"!

(Len) Can I save her? What's the best thing to do..

(Miku) "You", at least, can't save her.
I suppose all you can do is show her a final "happiness".
So I shot a USB at you too.
That baldy has already gotten his hands on one.
After this I'll just pull the trigger.
Then, everyone will be linked together.

(Len) I'm going inside of Rin?

(Miku) It might not be what you prefer, but there's nothing you can do about it.
'Cause this is my last chance to be able to meet Ronald☆

(Len) What would I do about that..
'Cause I'll just be destroyed along with Rin,, and that guy..
I don’t want to go to that. I don't want to see where Rin will be destroyed!

(Miku) Your eyes are like garbage. (sneer)

(Len) ....

(Miku) Is the blurry future all that you can see?
I don't think so.
However blurred it gets, aren't you the one who can see it clearly?
"I'll run without thinking"
That's the dog in you, isn't it? Stop thinking like a human

Because after that, I'm sure it'll be shown to the present you.

(Len) I get it. I'll go.
But,, With myself,,,, I'll deceive myself.
I'll show happiness to Rin, one more time.
That's my "Happy End".

But, Rin's,, What is Rin's Happy End?

(Miku) Well,,, No one knows that.
Except for her, huh?

Well, we're out of time, so you'll know soon

(Len) Something's changed. You.
Before I came to this world, I sensed the "Hatsune Miku" that I listened to.
You're hairstyle's cute too.
Well, I'm sure Ronald'll be pleased, haha

(Miku) I've come to be able to think about people too, huh?
You also changed. You became just a bit more secure.
Well, do your best, Len, and farewell.

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations


  • 『展開されるあの子の夢、、、前の持ち主の 小さな反抗。。』 Her dreams,,,are my previous owner's/Small rebellion..
  • 『無垢であるあんたにここで一緒にいて欲しかった。』 She wanted to be here with the pure you.
  • 『世界中にバラまかれ、愛された「世界で一番悲しい子供達と犬のストーリー」、』 It's being distributed all over the world, the beloved "the world's saddest story of children and a dog"
  • 『そしてあの子は、ここに居る為に うp主に再度自分の記憶を書き換えさせた。』 And she, in order to stay here/Made the uploader rewrite her memories of herself a second time.
  • 『制御出来ない「こころ」を持っているから。』 Because you carry a heart that can't be controlled.
  • 『おまえの目はゴミのようだな』 Your eyes are like garbage.

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Video opening
  • Didier Drogba
  • Miku
  • Miku doodle
  • Len
  • Unknown
  • Len doodle
  • World's End Dancehall
  • Miku pointing a gun at herself.

The start of the PV, proclaimed by Miku to have nothing to do with the rest of the story, starts with a complex yet atypically styled video, with gears and clocks as a common motif. Miku is also portrayed stylistically, but still with short hair as in the main story. The camaera zooms into a picture of a soccer player of Chelsea, Didier Drogba, possibly symbolizing speed or as a non-sequitur in the "crappy" song. The following A Place to Chat! video returns to the typical single illustration PVs.

Miku and Len are shown back in Miku's house; looking in the background, syringes can be seen littering her shelf, possibly used by her to inject drugs into her system. Also of note is that Miku and Len are shown as having the same background, indicating (as shown later) that they are actually speaking next to each other. As Miku and Len converse, poorly drawn doodles of the two are shown, possibly representing the two of them as data.

Miku's doodle is shown having a smiley face on her hair and unidentifiable pink dots all over her face. Fish, a common motif in the series and in particular for Len, are shown in the background. Another doodle is also shown during this time of several unidentifiable figures, one of them marked with an "L" and possibly representing Kagamine Len. The Len doodle, additionally, has a red smiley face on the left of his drawing and a blue serious face on the right, possibly indicating his happy dog programming and more serious current self. A colorful fish is also attached to his left shoulder, labeled a "youkai".

The video then goes into a strange icelike static as it slowly displays pictures, one of which being a reference to the Genjitsutoushi-P's song World's End Dancehall and another being a closeup of Miku's smiling face, while the final one is of Rin and Camui already "sleeping" on the ground and covered in sheets as they wait in Rin's interior. The final illustration shows Miku pointing a gun at herself, preparing to shoot a USB into her headphones that will link them all in Rin's data interior. 

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

Repeatedly through the video, growing in frequency as Len and Miku converse in hyper speed, are clinking noises as if from an ice pick or machinery moving together. This may be the noises of the Vocaloids processing information or noises coming from some other machinery in the room. 



  • This is the first song to indicate that the videos and their viewers exist within the series itself, as later made clear in Goodbye to You★.
  • Similarly, Miku's claim that they are in a "manufactured world" indicates that most of the series takes place on a computer and not the physical world, which is elaborated on by Numtack05 on his blog by the series' conclusion.
  • While it's unexplained in the song how Camui was also able to get a USB, the end of To You, To Me. indicates he regained consciousness for a time after being brought to Miku's home.


  • Miku's statement "your eyes are garbage" repeats Rin's deceptively encouraging insult to Len in The Eyes That Don't Vanish.; it's unknown how she learned it herself.
  • The song before "A Place to Chat!" proper is credited to "the uploader", matching that Miku also attributes the song to their "base" producer.

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