Kagamine Rin Red Rin Irina (data)
Who's the Liar
Technical Information
Japanese Name イリーナ
Romanization Iriina
Vocaloid Rin
Biographical Information
Classification Vocaloid
Race N/A
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance It's the End!
Last Appearance Goodbye to You★
Subtitle Color White

"Who's the liar?"

Irina is a side of Kagamine Rin resultant from Elena creating a data file to convey the story of the real Irina's death, later on uploaded into the Vocaloid Rin. Irina exhibits more peaceful and loving, albeit sometimes petulant behavior, and is represented by Rin's blue eyes. As Rin began to come apart internally following the return of her memories, Irina makes an appearance in Rin's data interior as a separate entity to the Red Rin virus.


Early HistoryEdit

"I've finally reached the web. Now, I'll eat ya."

Originally, there was born in Russia a girl named Irina, a young girl who worked as a child-soldier for Putin and believed she could even become his right-hand woman.[1] Over the course of her employment, the depressed and shell-shocked girl found happiness with a small dog.[2] Eventually, Irina's life was brought to an end when the dog was shot by one of her comrades and died.[3] Enraged, she shot her former comrades and then turned the gun on herself.[4]

Afterwards, the Russian officer Elena recreated Irina in a spam-file that was uploaded to the internet to spread the story of the government's exploitation of children.[5] After the spam file reached the internet,[6] it uploaded into the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin; it was also infected with a virus by Urusei Teppannov as an attempt to discredit the story.[7] Later on, Rin had her memories erased, suppressing the memories of her programming and Irina.[8]

Part 1Edit

During her attempts to get Len's affection, Rin would often draw on her programming as Irina. At one point, when preparing to give her box of chocolate to Len, Rin in some fashion "faced" her Irina programming;[9] afterward she began dressing in heavier clothes similar to the real Irina's.[10]

Part 2Edit

As Kagamine Rin entered Miku's junior high, she began dressing even more similar to the real Irina as her programming influenced her, trading her cream-colored coat for a much darker one.[11] Later on, Kagamine Len returned to Rin her memories from her old programming, allowing her to remember Irina's past completely as if she herself experienced it.[12]

Part 3Edit

"I know I can't bear it anymore. But... listen. To what I felt in this world."

During her broadcast of the song Assassin!, Rin referenced her Irina programming as she continued to sing, remembering the "moment" when she had started to welcome her dog running through the snow towards her as she sang about Christmas.[13] Following the attack on Rin by Camui Gackpo, Rin began to separate in her interior; as a result, Irina appeared in the data world separate from the virus Red Rin.[14]

Utsotsuki 3

Irina in the Data World

Awakening in disgust at her snowy surroundings,[15] Irina spotted Red Rin through the storm and confronted her,[16] initially believing she was an imposter Rin.[17] She then began to reflect about the arrangement she, as Rin, had made with her uploader;[18] admitting that Rin had been living a charade with her new life,[19] Irina wondered which of them was really the liar.[20]

The Red Rin, in turn, enticed her to return to her old "work",[21] labeling her as a virus as she spoke.[22] Irina protested this, in particular being a virus, only for Red Rin to also insinuate about her fate as someone who was merely created.[23] At this Irina finally acquiesced, understanding that her time as a Vocaloid was coming to an end; nonetheless, she told Red Rin about everything she'd felt as Rin,[24] especially her feelings for Len. Irina then resolved to her fate to disappear,[25] standing up to face Red Rin properly.[26]

Then, taking partial control of Rin's Vocaloid avatar, Irina stripped off Rin's coat, school uniform, scarf, and hat;[27] left with her original Vocaloid outfit, she walked out into the blizzarding Tokyo. As if reenacting Irina's suicide, the fragmented Rin prepared to shoot herself in the temple after Len was shot and collapsed in the snow in front of her,[28] albeit Len had actually been shot with a USB drive by Miku.[29] She then stood by as Miku shot her with the same,[30] knocking her unconscious.[31]

Part 4Edit

From that point, Irina joined back with the red Rin programming in Kagamine Rin's interior, Rin switching flawlessly between Irina and Red Rin as she prepared to disappear. Finally, Irina's data vanished completely, destroyed and leaving her eyes.[32] As a result, Rin woke back up from the data world a blank slate.[33]



"Living by my own will; countries where I can't do that...I hate them."

As a data file programmed with Irina's memories and personality as observed by Elena,[34] the Irina data acted and thought like the child soldier. Due to this, just as the real Irina fought for Putin's sake the Irina data also wanted to impress Putin at first,[35] before eventually realizing how he had tricked her and others after gaining her memories back.[36] Desirous of having her freedom, Irina showed hatred for countries that had oppressed her in the past,[37] as well as decrying the drugs and wars that had caused the real Irina so much suffering.[38]

Irina additionally wished to escape her hopeless situation and so resisted trying to disappear after she realized the truth for the first time.[39] As a result, she chased dreams and lies to deceive herself,[40] making herself believe that she was the innocent Vocaloid Kagamine Rin, whose only troubles were getting Len to love her.[41] Eventually, however, the girl was unable to bear lying and grew tired of the charade,[42] instead wishing to go out with a smile even if her time as a Vocaloid hadn't been completely ideal.[43]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As part of Rin's programming, Irina had all the capabilities and weaknesses of the online Kagamine Rin after being uploaded into her. As a data file, Irina was originally capable of crossing all over the internet and storing "records" as she did.[44] Due to the circumstances of her creation she was filled with the memories and personality of Irina and was able to draw on these memories whenever she chose after regaining them again.[45]

In addition, Irina and her personality had the largest amount of influence on Rin's actions after Rin had her memories wiped. This culminated in the disappearance of Irina meaning the disappearance of almost all of Rin's personality.[46]


Being part of the programming of Kagamine Rin, Irina as a result looked exactly like her and would be wearing whatever outfit Kagamine Rin put on; she also influenced Kagamine Rin to wear heavier winter clothing such as found in Russia.[47] She had blonde hair swept up into four white barrettes, pale clean skin, and indicative of her nature she had bright blue eyes that glowed in the real world.[48]

In the data world, Irina was shown identical to the real Irina, being a young girl with blonde shoulder-length hair, large blue eyes, and pale skin with freckles. She would also wear a dark and heavy fur-lined coat and hat of Russian style, along with a white scarf, dark gloves, dark boots, and tan pants.[49] After her data was erased, the girl was shown having completely white eyes indicative of Irina disappearing.[50]


Kagamine RinEdit

The Vocaloid whom Irina is the programming of. As her memories were eventually wiped, Irina showed no distinction between herself and Kagamine Rin, using the Vocaloid as a vehicle to live out a happier dream rather than disappearing.[51] As such, even in the data world Irina still insisted that she was "Rin" and that anyone else was an impostor.[52] Over time, however, she came to terms with her true nature and stopped denying the truth.[53] As she prepared to disappear, as well, Kagamine Rin began speaking of Irina in the third person.[54]

Red RinEdit

"Don't look! Kagamine Rin is me, isn't it? So be gone, impostor!"

A virus inside Kagamine Rin opposite Irina. Irina initially shows no knowledge of Red Rin's existence. After separating internally, however, Rin as the "Irina" data file was frightened by Red Rin's presence inside the data world and believed that she was an impostor pretending to be her.[55] She similarly did not want to believe her red self's words when she told her she was a virus and called her a liar.[56] Despite this, "Irina" eventually began to see Red Rin's point in that she wouldn't last much longer as a created thing;[57] soon after, the two merged back together.[58]


Irina's creator. Irina owed her existence to Elena in the woman creating her as a data file;[59] despite this, Irina demonstrates no knowledge of Elena or the role she played in her creation. She does, however, demonstrate some knowledge of the circumstances surrounding her creation, such as the insertion of a virus into her programming, and so may have had some memories of her creator.[60]

Kagamine LenEdit

"He made me feel I wasn't alone."
―Irina on her feelings for Len[src]

A Vocaloid whom Irina likes. As a Vocaloid with the same model as the one she was uploaded into, Irina liked Len's model and wished for him to have her precious dog data file inside it rather than that of her treacherous comrade.[61] After the data file of her "animal" companion was uploaded into Len, she loved him as her pure friend from the old days, albeit having now gained intelligence.[62]

When her memories were wiped later on, Irina loved Len on the basis of human companionship instead, this love being one of the things she wanted to continue as she acted as Kagamine Rin. As time went on she built up many happy memories with Len,[63] hoping to have one more before she finally disappeared.[64]



  • In cases where subtitles are indicative of singer, Irina's are always white.



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