Kagamine Rin Red Rin Irina (data)
Kagamine Rin
Technical Information
Japanese Name 鏡音リン
Romanization Kagamine Rin
Other Names The World's Most Pure Machine Gun
The One Who Destroys
Vocaloid Rin
Biographical Information
Classification Vocaloid
Race N/A
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance It's the End!
Last Appearance In Your Eyes.
Subtitle Color Yellow

"Don't stagger; just for today, it's our Sunday"

Kagamine Rin is a Vocaloid living in Japan in the present day era. In the past, Rin had a data file based on Irina uploaded into her after the girl's suicide, and then was infected with a virus programming after. Having her memories of this and Irina partially erased, Rin lived a relatively normal life with her fellow Vocaloids Len and Miku, trying to get the love and attention of the former while she rivals over the latter. After receiving her memories again, things steadily get more complicated as her past life catches up with her and things start to fall apart.


In the Russia EraEdit

"Those days you weren't "Rin""

After the tragic death of a Russian girl named Irina, her dog, and her comrade, the officer Elena recreated their story in spam-files.[1] Meanwhile, the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin was also made in a factory, while Urusei Teppannov, under the directive of Putin, created a virus for the purpose of destroying Irina.[citation needed] After being uploaded onto the internet,[2] the spam file for Irina journeyed until entering Kagamine Rin's programming.[3] The newly formed consciousness later ended up in Sugamo, Japan.[4]

The suffering girl, wishing to at least forget all of the things she'd seen,[5] was reprogrammed along with Kagamine Len by a Vocaloid uploader in Tokyo, having her memories erased.[6] Being happy for a short time and unbothered by her programming, she nonetheless fought with her enemies, such as an AI of Ronald McDonald and America, under Irina's delusion of being Putin's right-hand woman.[7] When she later regained her memories, Rin whispered that it was fate.[8] Nonetheless, Rin stated that her experiences had been good and begged to just be herself a little longer.[9]

Part 1Edit

"More than Hatsune Miku, I'll show you that I shine!"

To keep herself and her new life from vanishing, Kagamine Rin made a promise with the uploader that everything would be for this world and requested they erase her memories again.[10] The uploader, getting cold feet, then pressed enter on her programming repeatedly,[11] imperfectly wiping her memories and allowing Rin to become rewritten into a more innocent personality. For safekeeping, "Irina's" memories were also removed and placed on a disk.[12] For her first New Year's, Rin made a card for Putin, received a manga, and made the first calligraphy of the year. Excited over her new life, she made plans to take the world by storm as a Vocaloid.[13]

For a time afterwards Rin began to live normally, getting to know the Vocaloid Kagamine Len and the famous Hatsune Miku,[14] singing songs for her producer, and playing as Zangief in Street Fighter.[15] She, over time, fell in love with Len and began trying to get his attention despite his obsession with Miku.[16] At some point during their relationship, she promised that she would do anything for Len so he wouldn't ever give up.[17] Becoming depressed over her little success and second place to Miku,[18] Rin regularly bought weed from Ronald to get high.[19]

At some point when Valentine's day approached, Rin decided to give Len a special chocolate to convey her feelings to him.[20] Setting out with a myriad of ingredients, even gunpowder,[21] she began to make the chocolate overnight. Wasting no time sleeping,[22] she finally completed the chocolate and put it in a small box, preparing to bring it over to Len. That Valentine's day, Rin approached Len and showed him the chocolate.[23]

The tired and "corrupted" Rin, eager for Len to reciprocate her feelings,[24] urged him to eat the chocolate and told him that it was made with gunpowder to be stimulating.[25] When Len hesitated to eat, Rin switched to her virus personality and threatened to chop him up, call Putin, and arrest him if he didn't eat it all.[26] After Len ate the chocolate, Rin went off on her own. Some time later, she started wearing a long grey coat, white scarf, and Russian hat when she went outside.[27]

In the season of cherry blossoms Rin,[28] frustrated over her inferior uploader and wishing to go to Russia, decided to take matters into her own hands so that things would change;[29] during this point, she also realized that Ronald McDonald had been deceiving the children and decided to kill him to solve this.[30] Taking a submachine gun and a shovel,[31] she went to the road where the cherry blossoms bloomed and called Len, asking him for a date there.[32] After hanging up with the date made, the girl fumed at the possibility that Len only agreed to see her as a replacement for Miku.[33] She then approached Ronald and shot him with the submachine gun, burying him under the cherry trees with Len's help and evading the police.[34]

It's Happiness

After burying Ronald, Rin took Len back to her house and, giving him an initiation ceremony of sorts,[35] resolved to teach him survival skills such as brushing his teeth, learning to use a knife, and kicking things;[36] she would even demonstrate some of these skills on him directly.[37] She then told Len she wanted to eat sugared natto and asked him to buy some.[38] Happy at everything finally going well in her life, Rin sat and waited for Len while she thought about how everything was going to be different.[39] She also anticipated the time when she could return to her days in Russia.[40]

Hearing someone at the door, Rin went to answer it and mused that the return had been quick;[41] as she opened it, however, she exclaimed in surprise to see Ronald still alive and the clown attacked her with a gun.[42] Following this, Rin lost the fight and decided to call the police instead;[43] once they arrived, she attempted to finger Ronald as the culprit and claimed he had deceived the children, insisting she was an innocent victim.[44]

Despite this, she was arrested by the police soon afterwards. After being processed and tried under juvenile laws, the two were released and were scolded.[45] Later, the two walked home together from Shibuya Station.[46] Seeing that Len still had feelings for Miku, Rin threatened him with her knife and then calmed down,[47] imagining seeing Russia with him one day.[48]

Part 2Edit

"My memories return, I can see Russia"

At some point after her release, Rin and Len began attending Miku's Junior High.[49] During this time, Rin decided to act on her desire to change in anticipation of one day going to Russia. In order to achieve this she quit using weed,[50] as well as changing her outfit to a darker coat and Russian hat, even wearing this outfit over her school uniform.[51] Despite her changes, she became continually frustrated to see Len leaving her as a second choice next to Miku,[52] sharpening her knife over it.[53] On one occasion where she saw him admiring the idol,[54] she angrily dragged Len home.[55] She also became aware of Len's relationship with Abe-san at some point.[56]

During class, Rin asked her teacher, Tashiro, what the magic words were to become Len's ideal girl and was told that "Octopus in a Mini Skirt" would work.[57] With her magic words, Rin resolved to make herself first in Len's eyes and imitated Miku for the sake of getting his attention.[58] Giving Len a letter telling him to come meet her behind the school after class for an important talk,[59] Rin tied her hair into pigtails and eagerly awaited her crush.[60] As she waited, she wondered why Len hadn't arrived yet and panicked;[61] when he finally showed up, she berated him for being late and threatened to stab him next time something like this happened.[62]

Quickly moving on, she asked Len what he thought of her becoming an idol like Miku,[63] telling him to hurry up with the answer as she chanted her "magic words."[64] Rin then heard Len reply that it was bad;[65] shocked, Rin went into a catatonic state and repeated "Octopus in a Mini Skirt" over and over.[66] Afterwards, Rin took out her pigtails and took out a submachine gun, shooting at Abe's jacket. She then stared morosely at the ground, before being approached by Miku.[67]

As the idol attempted to comfort her with fries and then insulted Len, Rin laughed in spite of herself.[68] After the other girl finished talking, however, Rin told her to leave and expressed her disgust at the offer of fries, preferring instead pot-au-feu.[69] As she bemoaned how she was losing to men,[70] she began to muse aloud about her past in Moscow and Sugamo.[71] From that point, Rin moved on from her rejection.

Over time Rin began to drift apart from Len as she moved on,[72] being nominated for student council and beginning to enjoy herself in school.[73] One day, as she walked through Tokyo Dome City,[74] she was suddenly approached and hugged by Len.[75] Startled, Rin asked him if he’d gone crazy and snapped that he skipped school too much;[76] as he put his hands on her headphones, she remarked that his hands were lewd and pointed out to him that people were staring at them now.[77] In that moment, Len inserted the disk containing Rin's memories as Irina into her headphones,[78] and she regained all of Irina's programmed memories.[79]

Telling Len to take his hands away, Rin stood back from him and then, in the next moment, remarked she liked this moment.[80] Knowing Len was once "Irina's dog", Rin marveled at how she had fallen in love with the human version of him and promised she wouldn't leave him.[81] Holding her hand out and commanding him to "shake" with her, she told him confidently that she was Kagamine Rin.[82] Musing on how they'd met again, Rin then noticed Len's downcast expression and asked him to not look away so indecisively.[83]

As her memories continued to return, she apologized to Putin for making him wait.[84] With Ronald gone and peace for them from now on,[85] she happily asked Len what he wished for and told him she wanted to be with him; asking for his answer,[86] Rin saw him only muttering to himself and looking away. She stepped up closer and asked him what he was yammering about before saying he should only look at her, reminding him of her promise to do anything for him.[87]

While he continued to ignore her attempts to get his attention, Rin finally said his eyes were garbage.[88] Seeing him finally look at her angrily, she replied that his eyes could still shine after all.[89] She then said that tomorrow was their "Sunday" and mused that she won't be able to sleep.[90] Holding her hand towards his, she again told Len to look at her and asked for his answer.[91] Len then finally grabbed Rin's hand and she looked happily back at him.[92] The two then shared a romantic date in Tokyo Dome City Attractions before Rin finally walked back home alone.[93]

Part 3Edit

"The last day is near...This is the beginning"

Over time, Rin became aware that she would eventually disappear as a result of getting her memories back; in spite of this she remained positive.[94] Later on it was arranged for Rin to sing on live television during December, and she dressed in a cat outfit for the broadcast. She then proceeded to sing the song Assassin! to her score of viewers, including Len and Miku, before finishing up to a round of applause.[95] Afterwards, she changed back into her school outfit and Russian coat, scarf, and hat as she went to the train station, making a call on her cell phone.[96]

IfWeMeetAgain 1

Wandering around the city and hoping Len would give her a Christmas present,[97] Rin listened to Hatsune Miku's track titled "Last Song" on her iPod. She then caught sight of a tall dark figure standing in front of her and stared up at him in shock; as she watched, he brought out a gun and shot at her,[98] breaking one of her headphones. As he fired again, Rin watched Len kick the gun away;[99] while she stood in shock, she heard Len tell her to run, saying that he didn't need any help.[100] Although conflicted, Rin took off through the crowd and ran back towards home.[101]

As she ran, Rin realized that with her broken headphones she wouldn't be able to insert her backup disk.[102] Hoping that she could at least have one more moment with Len in spite of her approaching disappearance,[103] Rin finally reached her dorm, where she collapsed upon walking through the front door. Waking up in her data world interior, Rin separated into her two separate programmings, the red Rin and the Irina data file.[104] The two then had a verbal confrontation before the Irina data file resolved to disappear and destroy herself, having realized the whole truth of her past and Red Rin's programming as the virus.[105] Both files, still separated internally, then began working in tandem to control Rin.[106]

Jama Shinaide 5

Stripping off her Russian clothes and school uniform,[107] the disjointed Rin, her original Vocaloid outfit, walked out into the blizzarding Tokyo and at some point got hold of a gun. She then prepared to shoot into her temple with it, as the real Irina had once done. Smiling, she stared on ahead as Len arrived at her location and then collapsed,[108] a USB port shot into him by Miku.[109]

She then stood by as Miku shot her with the same,[110] knocking her unconscious. Afterwards, Miku dragged her back into her house and lay her under a sheet next to Camui Gackpo,[111] who had also gotten hold of a USB to link himself into Rin's interior.[112] As Rin waited in her data interior and prepared to destroy herself,[113] Miku explained to Len everything that had occurred regarding her,[114] and all the Vocaloids present then entered into the girl's data interior.[115]

Part 4Edit

"Farewell, with a smile"

Back in her data interior, at some point Red Rin and the Irina data file merged once more and Rin began to alternate between her two programs,[116] sitting in the snow waiting for Len. Eventually Rin spotted Len running towards her,[117] and then watched as he was confronted by Camui Gackpo.[118] Sighing,[119] she wished to be able to be with him longer, even if her life as a Vocaloid hadn't been completely perfect.[120] Thinking back on her memories of Len, however, she smiled and decided to make peace with her disappearance while her friend faced off against Camui.[121]

After reminiscing, Rin finally thanked everyone who had let her tell her story;[122] in that moment, she saw Len defeating Camui with the Atomic Suplex Hold.[123] Seeing the happy ending he wished to show her,[124] Rin began crying and thanked Len as well, complimenting his wrestling style.[125] Telling herself that everything was fine, the Vocaloid finally vanished with a tearful smile and her eyes turned white.[126]

Awakening without her personality or memories, the blank slate Kagamine Rin looked up at Len with no sign of recognition. After they left Miku's house, she walked expressionlessly ahead of him to Shibuya station, Sugamo station, the racetrack, Studio Alta, Suidoubashi Station, and then elsewhere through Tokyo. After stopping to stare at Len as he checked a road sign, she continued walking through the brightly lit night streets, swinging her arms as she took in the sights of Tokyo Dome City.

While walking, she didn't notice that Len was no longer following her but moved more slowly down the walk. Suddenly, Len came from behind and turned her around, hugging her tight. While he did so, the blank Rin expressionlessly hugged him back and then listened in confusion as the other Vocaloid told her he loved her. A little later, she transitioned into Red Rin and taunted the camera.[127]



"Always, always, special."
―Len about Rin's attributes[src]

Rin had an aggressive personality

After being uploaded as a Vocaloid, Rin was an easily frustrated and fiery-tempered individual,[128] always second to Miku and lovestruck over Len, who had a crush on the other idol.[129] Taking measures to make herself seem more desirable, such as developing her "mew" verbal tic to seem more cute,[citation needed] she was often upset that they had little effect. As a result, she was prone to making physical attacks on her crush and would often wield a knife at him to get her way.[130] Additionally, Rin originally had no scruples against murder if the target was reprehensible enough and was willing to kill Ronald due to the injustice she'd perceived him doing to the children.[131]

Because of her past and otherwise, Rin had a variety of odd quirks; having a past life that lived in Russia, Rin was a huge Russia Otaku and was obsessed with Putin in particular,[132] always wanting to visit the country and meet him.[133] She would additionally fixate on Russian things, like playing as the Russian Zangief in Street Fighter,[134] saying gratuitous Russian words,[135] and wearing clothes reminiscent of Irina's own outfit. Before receiving her memories as Irina back, she was eager to return to Russia one day and acted for this purpose.[136] She also would initially try to cope with her problems with weed, although dropping the habit later.[137]

When regaining her memories, Rin was shown to have more confidence in herself and displayed less frustration with how her life went, although nonetheless always fighting to get Len's affection.[138] As part of her calmer personality, after realizing that she would disappear Rin struggled to make peace with her inevitable fate.[139] Although desperate to be able to prolong her existence in the beginning and unhappy the first time her carefree life was coming to an end,[140] she would over time come to accept her end and be happy for how far she had managed to come, having no more regrets.[141]

After vanishing, Rin's blank slate self displayed no trace of her old self and little autonomy. She also no longer recognized Len or paid any attention to him in favor of the sights of Tokyo. Despite this, she still displayed some ability to interact with him, hearing his confession of love, even if puzzled by it, and hugging him after being hugged.[142]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"No matter what, I couldn't win."
―Len remembers Rin's skills[src]

Being a Vocaloid and limited only by what was possible on the internet, Rin was stronger and able to take more abuse than a real person, including intensely cold temperatures. Similarly, she was skilled at wrestling and especially adept at using the Cobra Twist and high-kicks to dispatch her opponent.[143] As an extension of this, she also became skilled at Street Fighter and often used Zangief, despite his being difficult to use.[144] Aside from wrestling, Rin also had skill using heavy weaponry, such as a submachine gun,[145] and lighter weapons like a knife,[146] although she was usually helpless to defend herself against a pistol or smaller gun at close range.[147]

As a Vocaloid Rin was also a very capable electronic singer and was able to become a very popular idol, additionally cute enough to excite her audience when displayed in the right outfit. Despite this, her popularity was such that she was always second to Miku, and only able to become an idol after the other Vocaloid quit being one.[148] She was otherwise skilled in other activities, like being able to make money on the stock market,[149] and had enough civic charisma to become part of school council in Junior High.[150]


"I'm always cute!!"

Rin looked similar to the girl Irina and almost identical to Kagamine Len, having the same height, coloration, and facial structure as the two. She had bright blue eyes, pale clean skin, and blonde shoulder-length hair swept up into four white barrettes. As typical for a Vocaloid, she had a white headset attached to her head that had yellows lights,[151] into which a USB drive or disk could be inserted to change or update her programming.[152]

Originally Rin wore her typical Vocaloid costume with a sleeveless yellow shirt and yellow bow with detached back sleeves, black shorts, white shoes, black legwarmers, and a white bow on her head. Her shirt had a yellow G-clef on the front. At some point she discarded this outfit and instead wore a black shirt under a long grey coat with a Russian hat and white scarf, along with black tights and brown boots.[153]

During school hours, Rin would wear her school uniform of a white dress shirt, a yellow tie, black shoes and tights, and a yellow plaid pleated skirt. She briefly wore her hair in pigtails, as well, to resemble Hatsune Miku[154] At some point after attending Junior High Rin began wearing a dark Russian coat, hat and white scarf over her school uniform, resembling Irina's outfit.[155]

During her song on live television, she wore a cat outfit with a black dress with a bow and bell on the front, thigh-high boots, long gloves, and a frilled skirt, changing back to her usual outfit soon after.[156] Later on, after her confrontation with Red Rin, the divided Rin stripped off all her outer layers and returned to her Vocaloid costume for the remainder of the series.[157]


Kagamine LenEdit

"That you... "love" me, I want you to say it, mew."

Rin's fellow Vocaloid and friend, the most important individual in Rin's life. Rin had a special connection to Len from the beginning due to their past lives together, one loving him as Irina's dog;[158] with her memories gone, however, Rin instead came to love Len due to his unruly and hopeless personality.[159] Wanting to spend time with him and teach him what she knew, she would drag him along on many of her activities.[160] The two also shared the same uploader, often putting them in contact with each other.[161]

Hitomi Rin

Rin gave Len many "last chances"

Despite wanting to get his love, she was often frustrated with how much he preferred Miku over her, as well as how he never payed her much attention. She, as a result, would often beat him up and bully him,[162] although always eager to give Len another "last" chance.[163] Although at first not seeming to care about his own desires and opinions as a result of her obsessive love, Rin began to calm down about Len considerably after he rejected her behind the school. As a result she decided not to spend as much time and effort on him and the two drifted apart while she began having fun in school;[164] she also began to disapprove of his delinquent habits.[165]

After receiving her memories, Rin's feelings for Len were reignited and compounded with Irina's previous love for her dog.[166] Having a closer and more intimate relationship, Rin felt like she wasn't alone while with Len and deeply cared for him, wanting to make him happy.[167] As they continued their relationship, however, she was continually frustrated by his inability to say her love for her; she would as a result work to impress him by her own natural talents rather than imitating Miku as before.[168] In the end, Rin was grateful to Len for all he'd done for her and wanted to see him happy and living even as she faded out of existence.[169]

Hatsune MikuEdit

"I'm not Hatsune Miku. How awful! I'll rage out"

Rin's fellow Vocaloid. Despite Irina's fondness for Miku's songs in her "old life",[170] Rin envied Miku greatly for her popularity as a Vocaloid and, even more so, for having Len's attention more than she did.[171] Although not knowing her very well, she felt intense loathing for Miku from the start and found the way she acted irritating, calling her a pig when she could.[172] Always finding herself second next to the other Vocaloid, however, she tried to imitate her for a time if it would make her more popular.[173]

This rivalry with Miku would continue despite all else that happened to her, as she ultimately wanted to "win" against her with Len up until her disappearance,[174] and called her "nothing" after Miku's own self-styled nickname.[175] Despite this, Rin and Miku were capable of spending some time together and understanding each other,[176] although Rin rarely gave her any kind words or expressed sympathy for the idol's situation. Similarly she was at odds with her boyfriend, Ronald, and didn't care what his disappearance did to the other Vocaloid.[177]

Red RinEdit

A virus programming infecting Rin. After her memories were erased in a poor fashion, Rin was originally unaware of Red Rin's presence in her, the other merely being a facet of her occasionally violent and Yandere personality. As she would switch between her different programming almost flawlessly, Rin made no mention of her other half but would seem to switch to Red Rin when desiring to get her way or triggered by Irina's past in Russia.[178] After Red Rin and Irina separated and merged, she began again switching flawlessly between her Red Rin self and ordinary self,[179] before leaving only Red Rin behind.[180]

The UploaderEdit

"My uploader is base."

Rin and Len's producer. Rin had a low opinion of her producer, finding him "base", likely due to his failure to make her popular as a Vocaloid. Due to this, she had no compunction insulting him and wished only to escape from him and go to Russia instead.[181] Despite this, after initially meeting him Rin was able to trust him with erasing her memories so that she could remain without destroying herself, albeit betrayed in her trust by the faulty job done by the man.[182] After regaining her memories for another time, Rin seemed to have no more interactions with her uploader, although acknowledging what he'd done for her.[183]



  • In January 2010, Rin won first place of the "Favorite Putin-P Series character" poll held on Putin-P's blog by 56%.


  • Outside of the series, Rin is occasionally referred to as "Puurin" by her creator to distinguish her from the real program Kagamine Rin.[184]



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  52. Magic is Heresy - 何で二番? 格差社会? [...] 一番になるため せめてアイツの中で
  53. Magic is Heresy - 頭にくるにゃ! ナイフを磨ごう
  54. Magic is Heresy - いつまで見てるの? 家に帰ろうよ
  55. In Your Eyes. PV
  56. Not Together - 男にね 負けるなんてね
  57. Magic is Heresy - 先生教えて 秘密のおまじない 一番になるため せめてアイツの中で
  58. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - ムカツクけど ミクみたいに アイドルメイクしてみる
  59. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - 遅い!大事な話だと 手紙に書いたよ?
  60. The Day of the Decisive Battle! PV
  61. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - まだ来ない... 何しているの? ひとりにしないで...
  62. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - 遅い!大事な話だと 手紙に書いたよ? 今日だけ 許してあげるけど 次は刺す(はぁと)
  63. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - さてと本題に入ろう 答えを聞かせて!
  64. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - はやく! じらさないで! [...] だから ミニにタコ!
  65. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - 「悪いね」
  66. The Day of the Decisive Battle! PV
  67. Not Together PV
  68. Not Together - ポテト 冷める前に食べな [...] 「後の祭り」というやつね 後悔しているのね あー笑えるわm
  69. Not Together - 不快 早く消えなさいよ! ポトフ 食べたいのにポテト・・・
  70. Not Together -
  71. Not Together - アド街で ロシア モスクワ [...] 過去は消えずに巣鴨・・・
  72. If We Meet Again☆ - どんどん離れていくなorz
  73. If We Meet Again☆ - でも 君は今楽しんでる 生徒会長目指す
  74. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. PV
  75. If We Meet Again☆ PV
  76. If We Meet Again☆ - 突然 何よ? キレるよ? あんた 中学 サボり過ぎ!
  77. If We Meet Again☆ - 何よ?その手 いやらしい・・・ 人が見てる・・・
  78. If We Meet Again☆ - 君に全てを見せる 君が「リン」じゃない頃の 君の記憶を持っている
  79. No Need to Worryy!! - 思い出す あの頃 あたしまだ ヒトだったのよ
  80. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 何よ その手どけなさいよ 考え過ぎ 気持ち悪い 別にいいよ 現在が好きよ
  81. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 犬じゃない君がね 記憶なくても好きになった [...] ほっとけない わかるでしょ?
  82. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - お手! あたしは鏡音リン
  83. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 目をそらすな 煮え切らない...(怒
  84. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 記憶 戻り ロシアが見える プーチン ごめん 待たせたにゃ ちょ
  85. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 今ね 無事に 還れましたにゃ やつは消えた
  86. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 君は何を望む お願い 聴かせて 君と二人でサンデー これがあたしの望み これが最後のチャンス 答え聴かせてよ にゃ にゃ
  87. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 何エコエコ言ってるの? あたしだけ見てればいいいい? あたし約束したわよね 「あたしが何とかしてやるわ」
  88. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 自分しか見てない 君の瞳はゴミ
  89. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - ムカついたでしょ? まだ 君の瞳は 輝けるはずさ
  90. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 明日は二人でサンデー きっと眠らせないわ
  91. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - あたしだけ見てて [...] これが最後のチャンス 答え聴かせてよ にゃ にゃ
  92. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. PV
  93. Kalpi!
  94. Yukkiina - たらふく食わせてね はしゃぐアイツ見て、、、
  95. Assassin!
  96. The One Who's Nothing. PV
  97. Yukkiina
  98. If We Meet Again☆ PV
  99. Goodbye to the Dream☆ PV
  100. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - 力なんて必要ないよ?☆
  101. Goodbye to the Dream☆ PV
  102. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - バックアップはもう刺せないわ
  103. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - 君が戻って来たら 最後の思い出を作る☆
  104. Who's the Liar? PV
  105. Who's the Liar?
  106. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  107. Who's the Liar? PV
  108. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  109. The Voice in My Heart. PV
  110. A Place to Chat! - だからあんたにもUSBを撃った。
  111. A Place to Chat! PV
  112. A Place to Chat! - あのハゲにももう取り付けたわ。 あとは私が引き金を引くだけ。 そこで全員が繋がる。
  113. A Place to Chat! - こぼれたミルクを嘆いても何にもならないわ。 とにかく、あの子はまもなく自滅する。
  114. A Place to Chat!
  115. A Place to Chat! - リンの中に行くの?
  116. Goodbye to You★ PV
  117. The Broken Mirror. - 座り込む 君の目が 僕を刺激する
  118. Goodbye to You★ - 後悔してなんか無いのに ここで見てると疼くんだ
  119. Goodbye to You★ - タメイキしか出ないよ
  120. Goodbye to You★ - イリーナの夢とは少し違っていたけど。。 思い通りにいかないね! 記憶戻されなければきっと 君ともう少し遊んでいられたのにね
  121. Goodbye to You★ - ドキドキすることもあったし ムカつく時もあったよ 幸せ何回も感じた 笑顔でさよなら★
  122. Goodbye to You★ - 今はみんながいるありがとう
  123. Goodbye to You★ PV
  124. The Broken Mirror. - 観たかったショーを君に見せられるんだ
  125. Goodbye to You★ - 最後にレンにもありがとう コブラツイストじゃないけど 原爆固め クールな技にゃ★ プロレススタイル あたしと違うのね!
  126. Goodbye to You★ PV
  127. In Your Eyes. PV
  128. Magic is Heresy - 機嫌が悪いの ケミカルジャドウヨ!
  129. Together - あなたの側にいさせて メイコより カイトより 初音ミクよりも 輝いてみせるわ
  130. It's the Start! - また ナイフ チラチラ♥
  131. Under the Cherry Blossoms☆ Sound Effects
  132. Let's Dream. - ピータンだらけのリンの家 プーチンオタクのメスの見栄
  133. I'm Happy! - 会いたい プーチン様♥ にゃ♥
  134. Together! - ザンギエフ使いにくい
  135. Not Together - ハラショーでヤキトリ
  136. Magic is Heresy - だって 変わったの! ロシアに行くためにね!
  137. Magic is Heresy - ガンジャはダメ! 歯ぎしりしちゃう だって
  138. Assassin! - あたし...「スキ」と 言わせたいにゃ-☆ [...] 見てて欲しいの... あたしの姿 驚くでしょ
  139. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - 思い残す事がなくなったら もう消えてもいい!
  140. Goodbye to You★ - 「これでいいの、だからお願い、 もう少しだけあたしでいて!」
  141. Goodbye to You★ - この気持ちで消えれるなら嬉しいにゃ! [...] 後悔してなんか無いのに
  142. In Your Eyes. PV
  143. In Your Eyes. PV
  144. Together! - ザンギエフ使いにくい
  145. Not Together PV
  146. It's the Start! - また ナイフ チラチラ♥
  147. We Met Again, eh?☆ PV
  148. Assassin! PV
  149. Together! - 初音ミクよりは 株で 儲けますです!!
  150. If We Meet Again☆ - 生徒会長目指す
  151. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. PV
  152. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - バックアップはもう刺せないわ
  153. Don't Leave Me Alone. Booklet
  154. The Day of the Decisive Battle! PV
  155. Magic is Heresy PV
  156. Assassin! PV
  157. Don't Interfere, Okay?☆ PV
  158. A Place to Chat! - 本当はあのハゲが「鏡音レン」になっていたかもね。 でも選択したのは、あの子のこころ、 見た目はおまけに過ぎないわ
  159. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 記憶なくても好きになった まれに見るダメ野郎だから
  160. I'm Happy! - あたしが教えてあげる! 君がうまく生き残る術よ!
  161. If We Meet Again☆ - 底辺Pから逃げよう
  162. In Your Eyes. PV
  163. Don't Leave Me Alone. - も一度 チャンスあげる
  164. If We Meet Again☆ - 生徒会長目指す 野良犬の俺には眩しい どんどん離れていくなorz
  165. If We Meet Again☆ - あんた 中学 サボり過ぎ!
  166. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 犬じゃない君がね
  167. Who's the Liar? - 一人じゃないと思わさせてくれた [...] 君は笑っていればいいから!...て
  168. Assassin! - あたし…「スキ」と 言わせたいにゃ-☆
  169. Goodbye to You★ - 最後にレンにもありがとう [...] フラフラしててよね
  170. The One Who's Nothing. - 悲しい ロシアでよく聞いた歌 リンと二人楽しみだった☆
  171. Together! - 初音ミクじゃないわよ ひどい! 暴れてやるわ ワイフ おやさしいのね!
  172. Magic is Heresy PV
  173. The Day of the Decisive Battle! - ムカツクけど ミクみたいに アイドルメイクしてみる
  174. Goodbye to the Dream☆ - あたし勝てるかしにゃ?彼に
  175. Goodbye to You★ - 何もないボーカロイド、羨んだ
  176. Not Together
  177. The Eyes That Don't Vanish. - 今ね 無事に 還れましたにゃ やつは消えた
  178. I'm Happy Extended PV
  179. Goodbye to You★ PV
  180. In Your Eyes. PV
  181. Under the Cherry Blossoms☆ - あたしのうp主は 底辺で 工場に帰りたい [...] ロシアに行きたいわ!
  182. A Place to Chat! - そしてあの子は、ここに居る為に うp主に再度自分の記憶を書き換えさせた。 まぁーうp主は馬鹿だからビビってエンター連打してただけだけどねw
  183. Goodbye to You★ - うp主使って自分をだまさせて
  184. Puulog☆ - January 7, 2010

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