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Song title
Original title: 鏡音リン・レンがオリジナル曲「ゆめをみようよ。」を歌って(ry。

Romaji: Yume wo Miyou yo.
English: Let's Dream.

Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
numtack05 (music, lyrics, video)
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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


In this song, Rin anticipates a call from a buyer, wanting to have more money to get weed. She admits her insecurities as always being second compared to Miku; she receives the call and then purchases weed from Ronald, singing in a drug-induced high. Meanwhile, Len greets the viewers and notes he also wants to get high. He tries to convince himself that he's gotten over Miku and moved on with his new relationship, only to admit he still loves her. After also speaking about Rin being a Putin Otaku, she promises she'll do anything for Len and tells him not to give up. For the next minute of the song, Rin sings "Lalalala happy" under the influence of drugs.


Singer Color
Kagamine Rin Yellow
Kagamine Len Blue
Ronald McDonald Black (unseen)


ボーカロイドも 格差があるのよ
いつだって あたしは二番よ!
メルトを聴いて 溶けてしまいそう
あたしは逢えない ロシアは遠い

電話がきたわ! どれくらい買える?










Baiyā kara no denwa ga naru koro
Kyō wa dorekurai yume o mireru ryō?
Bōkaroido mo kakusa ga aru no yo
Itsu datte atashi wa ni-ban yo!

Meruto o kii te tokete shimai-sō
Atashi wa aenai
Roshia wa tōi
Denwa ga kita wa!
Dorekurai kaeru?

(Moshi moshi, Donarudo desu. )
(N~, hanbāgā ga 4-ko-bun kurai ka na)

Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Mada tomerarenai! ♪

Kurikaeshi YO!
Minasan, hisashiburi!
Ore no shumi wa imada suri
Bōkaroido mo yasun dari Kusuri de tenshon agetai!

Ima wa danshi ni muchūde ne Sore ga oira no meshi no tane
Kōkai nante shi tenaikara ne?
Hatsune miku wa akirameta…

Aa, soredemo warikirenai
Ore no kokoro wa Miku no mono
Bōkaroido mo koigashitai
Gan ja de yumewomiru shika nai

Pītan-darake no rin no ie
Pūchin'otaku no mesu no mie

Atashi ga nantoka shite yaru wa!
Dakara akiramenaide…

(Kotchi no hō ga ī ka na)

Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Rararara ☆ happī ☆
Mada tomerarenai! ♪


(Min'na mo issho ni yatte miyou yo)

When I get the phone call from a buyer
How much will I be able to dream today?

VOCALOIDs also have a class-system
I'm always in second!
Listening to "Melt", I think I might just melt
I can't meet you, Russia’s far away

The call came! How much can I buy?

Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
I can't stop yet!

Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
I can't stop yet!

Yo! Everyone, it's been a while!
Pickpocketing's still my hobby
VOCALOIDs take breaks too
I want to get high on drugs!

Now I'm engrossed with a young man
That's the matter of my meal
Because I have no regrets, right?
I gave up on Hatsune Miku...

Aah! But I'm not being convincing
My heart belongs to Miku
VOCALOIDs also want to love
I have no choice but to dream with weed
Rin's house is full of pi dan
The display of a female Putin otaku

I'll do anything for you!
So don't give up...

Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
I can't stop yet!

Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
Lalalala ☆Happy☆
I can't stop yet!

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ボーカロイドも 格差があるのよ』 VOCALOIDs also have a class-system
  • 『ララララ☆ハッピー☆』 Lalalala ☆Happy☆
  • 『俺の趣味は未だスリ 』 Pickpocketing's still my hobby
  • 『クスリでテンション上げたい!』 I want to get high on drugs!
  • 『今は男子に夢中でね』 Now I'm engrossed with a young man
  • 『ガンジャで夢を見るしかない』 I have no choice but to dream with weed

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

A clip is used for a cellphone ringing, signifying either the call that Rin received from a buyer to be able to afford the weed or the call she made to Ronald to arrange for purchasing it. Immediately after the cellphone clip is a segment from a Ronald McDonald ad campaign advertising hamburgers, in this case likely standing in for the purchase of weed.

As Rin sings the choruses of "Lalalala happy" children are heard cheering in the background as well as a dog barking, also from Ronald McDonald campaigns. The dog is believed to be representative of Len's past life while the children are possibly indicative of Ronald's presence. A clip of a man saying "Let's do it together, everyone" also plays at the end.



  • "Dreaming" as established in this song refers to a drug high. 
  • This is the first song to have "Lalalala happy," it being the first time the characters take weed.
  • This is also more or less Ronald's first appearance in the series, as the drug dealer supplying them with weed.
  • The full version of the song, with the extra copyrighted audio removed, was released on Putin-P's first album, Don't Leave Me Alone.


  • Len mentions that his hobby is still pickpocketing, and later songs also characterize him as a thief; this may be a result of his dog past life, which also stole.
  • Len's lover Abe-san also may be "young man" he is engrossed with.
  • Numtack05 has stated that Let's Dream. is his favorite song in Part 1.[1]


  1. Puulog☆ - March 19, 2009 - ちなみに僕がシリーズで一番好きなのは「ゆめをみようよ」です。

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