Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】たびにでよう!【巡音ルカ】

Romaji: Tabi ni Deyou!
English: Let's Go on a Trip!

Megurine Luka
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


The song continues Elena's story, having escaped from Russia as a result of Although I Want to Sleep!. Elena, having changed her appearance, decides to relax on a beach as she reflects on her evasion of the hitmen sent to arrest her by the Russian government. She spots her pursuer watching her and, although afraid, keeps her resolve. She runs from the man, Teppannov, and he chases after her.

As she runs and pulls out her gun Elena moans the inevitability of her arrest and thinks again of Putin, whom she'd betrayed. She represses these feelings and muses on how she had to take care of her heart now that she was "like a parent". Her chase is cut short as Teppannov ends up pointing a gun directly at her face.


見た目も変えたし 少しは息抜きしたいわ♪

捕まえてみなよ? また逃げるだけよw

恐怖? あるよ!

せめての償い 限りなく小さな戦争

露出しすぎたかな? 今日はいつもより早い!


逃げたい あの人の感情から
決別したのに 期待してるのね


隠された事実 信じられない粛正

Mitame mo kaetashi sukoshi wa ikinuki shitai wa ♪
Yamanashi ni wa ikanai wa yo,, sekai wa hiroikara ne!
Kore ga jiyū to iu monona no?
Tokuni kono kuni wa suki yo ♥
Jikan nante ki ni shinai no
Tada no bakansunaraba ne
Sorosoro aitsu no odemashi ne

Naeru wa ☆ Dansu wa
Tafugai to odoru mono!
Tsukamaete mi na yo?
Mata nigeru dake yo w
Utsukushī umi ni bachigaina muhyōjō
Osoroshi a ☆

Atashi iki teru ki ga suru wa ☆
Yaritai koto ga deki terukara!
Kyōfu? Aru yo! Kedo ishi ga aru
Inochi moeru made bara maku!

Semete no tsugunai kagirinaku chīsana sensō
Atashi wa shibutoi on'na!

Roshutsu shi sugita ka na?
Kyō wa itsumo yori hayai!
Demo itsuka wa tsukamarukara
Shōganai to omou wa

Tsuyogari mo koko made ka na?
Omoeba mō jūbun ne ☆
Kao no mienai dōshi-tachi
O sukina yō ni baramaite ♥

Nande yo? Ano hito no kao ga yogiru no yo
Nigetai ano hito no kanjō kara
Ketsubetsu shita no ni kitai shi teru no ne
Ano hito ga mizukara oikake
Tsukamaete kureru koto

Amaeru Kokoro seigyo suru
Kusuri uchi Kokoro kowashi teta
Nanoni ima wa mamoritai no yo
Oya mitaina monodakara ne ☆

Kakusareta jijitsu shinjirarenai shukusei
Sō atashi wa shibutoi on'na ♥

I changed my appearance too, so I wanna take a little breather♪
I'm not going to Yamanashi,, because this world is vast!
Is this that thing called freedom?
I especially like this country ♥
I won’t worry about the time
If this is just a simple vacances

Before long, his presence
Will wither☆
The dance is one I dance with this tough guy!
You'll try to arrest me? I'll just escape again lol
Sticking out expressionless amidst the beautiful ocean
How Russian ☆

I get the feeling that I'm living ☆
Because I can do what I want to do!
Scared? I am!
But I have determination
Until my life burns out I'll spread it around!

At the least my atonement is this endless little war
I'm a stubborn woman!

Have I disclosed too much? Today is earlier than usual!
But because I'll be arrested someday
I think it's inevitable

Was it a bluff until now?
It's already enough to think so ☆
My comrades whose faces I can't see
Disseminate them as you will ♥

Why's this? His face crosses by
I want to escape from feelings of him
Although we parted, I'm still hoping
That he'll chase
And arrest me himself

I'll restrain my taken advantage of heart
Injecting drugs, I was destroying it
And yet now I want to protect it
'Cause I'm the one who’s like a parent, hm? ☆

The truth that was hidden, the regulations I can't believe in
Yes, I’m a stubborn woman ♥

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ダンスはタフガイと踊るもの!』 The dance is one I dance with this tough guy!
  • 『おそろしあ☆』 How Russian☆
  • 『命燃えるまでバラまく!』 Until my life burns out I’ll spread it around!
  • 『顔の見えない同士達』 My comrades whose faces I can't see
  • 『逃げたい あの人の感情から』 I want to escape from feelings of him
  • 『甘えるココロ制御する』 I'll restrain my taken advantage of heart
  • 『親みたいなものだからね☆』 'Cause I'm the one who’s like a parent, hm? ☆

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Elena on the beach
  • Hajimete no Koi girl
  • Teppannov watching Elena
  • Teppannov Running
  • Elena pulling out her gun
  • Elena cornered

Elena is in disguise as she takes a brief vacation while on the run; having disguised her appearance, she is completely tanned, blonde, and as a result unrecognizable. In the background is the beach of her new location; on the beach is a cameo of the girl from Utakata-P's song "The First Time I Catch a Koi Fish"; while it's indicated by Teppannov's attire that the location is tropical, this could mean Elena is somewhere in Japan. Also behind her is Teppannov, looking directly at Elena expressionlessly as stated in the song.

Elena herself sits looking untroubled while sitting under an umbrella and drinking a cold drink; her laptop is shown open, meaning she was possibly still distributing information to undermine Russia's government while on her "vacation". When the video shows a closeup of her face, her eyes appear to be bloodshot, indicating her actual stress in the situation.

During the song, the picture changes abruptly to show Teppannov close to the umbrella, finally making his approach to grab Elena and smiling. This smile may be an early indication that his intentions aren't as deadly as Elena thinks. In the next shot, Elena is shown running, however, and pulling a gun out of her bikini top. In the final image, once Teppannov is shown pointing a gun at Elena's face, on her left leg is shown a tattoo in the shape of the Soviet Union's flag, indicating her former allegiance.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

The video opens with the sound of multiple voices clamoring, among them men, women, and children; this is likely to set the stage for the song taking place on a beach with multiple civilians. 



  • The phrase "おそろしあ" used by Elena is a pun on the word for "Russia" and "dreadful".
  • Numtack05 confirms that Elena is referring to her creation of the Irina spam file when referring to herself as a "parent".


  • It is unknown how it was possible for Elena to conceal such a large gun in her bust.
  • It's not known which comrades Elena is referring to in her speech.
  • The image of Teppannov preparing to shoot Elena mirrors the scene of Camui attempting to shoot Rin, even down to both having the same gun.

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