A list of notable locations featured in the Putin-P series, both real and created for the purposes of the story. As the series, on the whole, takes place in a computer, any locations where a Vocaloid is present is presumably an internet representation of a real place.

The Data WorldEdit

A world consisting of data within a program that was accessible by inserting a special USB drive into the appropriate ports, sending one's consciousness into their own data interiors while their body "sleeps." It was also possible for other characters to be sent into someone else's data interior, and a damaged program's consciousness may also retreat into their personal data interior.

Location HistoryEdit

Following her encounter with Camui Gackpo, the injured Rin collapsed in her home and retreated into the data world of her interior. Once there, she awoke as her programming "Irina" and her separate former programming, the red Rin, and the two different Rins had a confrontation.[1] That same night, Hatsune Miku prepared and fired a USB port at Kagamine Len that would show him the story of her owner, Urusei Teppannov, and explain Elena's story as well.[2] During this time, Camui got his hands on a USB to link himself into the data world.[3]

Afterwards, she shot a USB at the divided Rin that also sent her back into the data world.[4] Shortly afterward Miku linked herself, the fragment of Ronald, and Len into Rin's data interior.[5] Once inside, Len met with Rin and battled Camui Gackpo, while Miku met with Ronald. Afterwards, Len left the data realm alone while Miku moved elsewhere in the artificial world with her beloved.[6]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

  • Irina and Red Rin in Rin's interior
  • A shot of inside a data world forum
  • Len and Camui in Rin's interior
  • Rin/Irina in her own interior.
  • Ronald and Miku in Rin's interior

The appearance of the data world was entirely reliant on whose data it consisted of, having no physical permanence or substance beyond quantitative data. Inside Rin's interior, the artificial world appeared as a wasteland beset by a blizzard, identical to the area where Irina committed suicide in Russia.[7] In other cases, however, the data world could consist of simplistic linework, as well as distortions, of objects or people in the real world.[8] Occasionally the artificial world could also be used as a means of showing someone a particular song and story, as if projecting a video into their head.[9]

Because of the unique nature of the data world, Vocaloids were some of the only individuals who could enter the data world and interact with their surroundings and each other,[10] although Tashiro was capable of recording what was going on inside of it through his own means.[11] Once inserted into the data world, occasionally Vocaloids would change appearance in miniscule or big ways, such as with a change of costume or physical traits.[12]

Koishikawa Korakuen GardenEdit

Koishikawa Korakuen Garden is one of the two surviving Edo period clan gardens in modern Tokyo, located in Koishikawa and adjacent to Dome City. The garden is visited by Miku for a brief time.

Location HistoryEdit

After Ronald disappeared, Miku went to the park and sat at the water's edge, eating fries and taking drugs so she could hallucinate being with her beloved. Eventually, after a night of dreaming she was with Ronald, the girl went back home.[13]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

The garden was a large, peaceful space next to an amusement park with ample foliage, trees, bushes, and water with a shoreline.[14]

Maison AaEdit

Rin and Len's dorm, which they move into at some point after Part 1.

Location HistoryEdit

At some point after attending Junior High School,[15] Rin and Len moved into a dorm room at Maison Aa and regularly stayed there from that point on whenever they weren't in school or elsewhere. During the winter, after Rin was attacked by Camui and Len defeated him, Len returned to Maison Aa. Shortly after Rin also returned to the dorm room and collapsed, before reawakening and walking back outside a short time later. Len, after being contacted by Miku on Skype, then set out of the dorm himself.[16]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

Maison Aa had at least one bedroom and a computer on which its residents could use the internet. It also had an entryway with a section of wood flooring on direct entry.[17]

Miku's HouseEdit

The house where Miku lives, indicated to be located in a club room.

Location HistoryEdit

Miku lived in the house as she worked as an idol in Japan, eventually filling it up with pictures of her beloved Ronald. After quitting being an idol, Miku holed herself up in the room and merely sat sadly watching the TV until Len found her some time later; they together watched Rin perform the song Assassin! and Miku moped before sending Len out.[18] Later she left her room and gathered up the broken Camui Gackpo, depositing him on her floor after she returned.[19]

While inside this room, Miku also did research into Rin, Len, and Camui's history as Elena's data files,[20] while also preparing USB drives to link everyone involved into Rin's interior.[21] She then left to find Rin, with Camui regaining consciousness and taking one of the USB drives while she was gone.[22]

After collecting Rin and Len and bringing them back to her house, followed by Tashiro,[23] Miku explained to Len all that she had learned before sending himself, and herself, into Rin's interior.[24] Following a confrontation with Camui Gackpo, Len woke back up in Miku's room along with a blank slate Rin. He then left shortly after confirming Miku was still asleep.[25]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

Miku's house was unusually bare of decoration and excess furniture, save for pictures of Ronald scattered throughout as Miku's love interest. There is one known room in which Miku keeps her laptop and television set, which also contains a shelf, some chairs, a cabinet, a cardboard box, a single metal table, and a piece of pottery.[26]

Rin's HouseEdit

The house Rin lives in after being shipped out of the factory.

Location HistoryEdit

After becoming a Vocaloid, Rin lived in this house and occupied it for some time while trying to start a relationship with Len. After supposedly killing Ronald McDonald, she returned back to her house with Len and waited inside until a vengeful Ronald arrived at her door.[27] After fighting with Ronald, Rin was taken from her home by the police.[28] At some point after she was released, Rin began living in a dorm instead and it is unknown what became of the house.[29]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

Rin's house had at least a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. She was known for filling her house with pidan,[30] and had a television on which she played Street Fighter.[31]

Shibuya StationEdit

Shibuya Station is a railway station in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan operated jointly by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Keio Corporation, Tokyu Corporation, and Tokyo Metro. It is occasionally used by Rin and Len for transportation.

Location HistoryEdit

Sometime after being released from prison Kagamine Rin and Len each walked away from Shibuya Station together,[32] and Rin threatened Len with a knife when he appeared to be pining after Hatsune Miku.[33] Much later, after Rin was erased in the data world, a blank slate version of her walked past the station while Len followed. 

Location CharacteristicsEdit

  • Shibuya station from In Your Eyes.
  • The station seen from the Putin-P Part 1 album

Being a train station, Shibuya was often crowded and full of people. On its outside, it had billboards advertising pop culture icons in Japan, at some point having advertisement for the teen idol Hatsune Miku and the erotic character Abe-san.[34]

Studio AltaEdit

Studio Alta is a tourist attraction in Tokyo, being a studio, store, restaurant, and cafe. It is the studio where Miku records her songs broadcasted over the radio. 

Location HistoryEdit

Making her "garden" at the feet of the studio,[35] Hatsune Miku recorded multiple songs there,[36] and they were broadcasted over the radio before becoming downloadable songs.[37] At some point, she recorded a song in the studio which Len heard while listening to the radio.[38] Following Ronald's disappearance, Miku recorded her The Last Song in the studio before she quit being an idol altogether.[39] Later on, a blank slate Rin walked past the studio while Len followed morosely behind.[40]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

The studio had a sound booth in which Hatsune Miku was able to make her recordings, taking place in a relatively blank room.[41] Having a large modern front with a title in colored font, the studio was made an appealing tourist trap and had many people milling outside of it.[42]

Suidoubashi StationEdit

Suidoubashi Station is a railway station which straddles Tokyo's Chiyoda and Bunkyou wards, operated jointly by East Japan Railway Company and Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation.

Location HistoryEdit

Len visited the station to bet at the horsetrack while depressed over his waning relationship with Rin;[43] around the same time, Tashiro also visited the booths.[44] As Len stood back from the betting booths, he listened to Miku sing on the radio and pondered giving Rin back her memories as "Irina".[45] Eventually, making up his mind to do so, he left the area.[46]

Later on, Miku journeyed to the spot to meet with a fragment of her beloved, Ronald.[47] After dealing with Camui in the data world, Len followed a blank slate Kagamine Rin to the station and also visited the racetrack there.[48]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

Being a train station, Suidoubashi was often crowded and filled with people; it also appeared to have betting booths for a horse racetrack, where people could place their bets on the running horses.[49]

Tokyo Dome CityEdit

Tokyo Dome City is an entertainment complex in Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan, including a stadium and amusement park called Tokyo Dome City Attractions; the complex is also adjacent to Koishikawa Korakuen Garden. Miku, Rin, Len, and Ronald have each visited the location for dates or other significant moments.

Location HistoryEdit

Miku and Ronald McDonald went to the amusement park for their first date,[50] Miku riding on the Ferris wheel with Ronald and kissing him before they went through the rest of the park together.[51] Around the same time, Rin visited the colorful amusement park and ran into Len in the evening, the two sharing a tender moment and then date in the area after the other Vocaloid gave her back her memories as Irina.[52]

After the two finished their date, they left the amusement park separately.[53] After Len exited the data world with the blank Rin, the two reached Dome City after wandering through Tokyo and the two walked through the complex together.[54]

Location CharacteristicsEdit

The complex, in addition to having a giant baseball stadium, the titular Tokyo Dome, also has a large colorful amusement park with a Ferris wheel and other rides for the enjoyment of visitors. The complex also has neon lighted walkways and brightly colored strings of lights for walking through it in the nighttime,[55] in addition to also having large spaces of greenery.[56]The amusement park in particular also has a Jazz bar for the enjoyment of park-goers.[57]


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