Technical Information
Japanese Name 底辺P
Romanization Teihen-P
Other Names The Uploader
The Producer
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Japanese
Gender Male
Affiliation Japan
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Under the Cherry Blossoms☆
Last Appearance Illusion Catastrophe

Teihen-P, usually referred to as the Uploader or Producer, is the producer for Kagamine Len, Rin, and Hatsune Miku that has a presence through the series. Although instrumental in Kagamine Rin and Len's transformation into Vocaloids, he nonetheless appears incompetent as a producer and serves as a hindrance at times to their activities.


Early CareerEdit

"Although weeell, the uploader's an idiot, so they got cold feet and just pressed a barrage of enters, lol."

At some point after being separated from Urusei Teppannov, Hatsune Miku was acquired by Teihen-P and he utilized her to make songs.[1] He also acquired the Vocaloids Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin; the two, each having tragic pasts in Russia etched into their files, at some point had their memories erased to allow them to have fresh starts. At a later time, Kagamine Rin's memories resurfaced and she approached Teihen-P, asking him to erase her memories for a second time so that she could continue living in Japan.[2]

The uploader agreed to her request, the two of them promising that this time everything would be for this world.[3] As he prepared to wipe her memories, however, the man suddenly got cold feet and, not sure what to do, pressed the "enter" key multiple times instead.[4] With Rin's memories imperfectly wiped, he continued to utilize her as a Vocaloid.[5]

The Vocaloid EraEdit

"My uploader is base. I want to return to the factory"

Over time as he used Kagamine Rin, the Vocaloid failed to get any popularity while Hatsune Miku became an idol in Japan. As a result, Rin and Len both insulted their producer as they commiserated his low-quality work,[6] with Len later even suggesting they escape from the producer entirely.[7]

During the winter, Teihen-P produced a new song with Hatsune Miku titled Illusion Catastrophe and uploaded it onto the web,[8] only for Miku to cut rudely in on the tune during her conversation with Len.[9] He later didn't seem to pay attention to the activities of Len, Rin, and Miku within the data world and made to interference on Rin's destruction after her memories returned.



The uploader was a careless and lazy individual, making use of Vocaloids to create music but not putting a large amount of effort into making the songs popular. Similarly he didn't take the time to understand Vocaloids he was using, knowing nothing of Miku's past,[10] and he was lazy in wiping Rin's memories.

Despite this, he was nonetheless willing to help Rin when she approached him with her problems and he remained a presence in the Vocaloids' lives.[11] As a producer, he also seemed to like making songs with love as a central theme, including references to famous athletes like Drogba.[12]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

"After 100 years or so the uploader's still gonna be base, eh?! lol"

Teihen-P had a certain amount of skill as a Vocaloid producer and programmer, knowing enough about programming to attempt to wipe Rin's memories,[13] as well as being able to make music and songs with them.[14] Despite this, he didn't have a lot of confidence in his skills and was not well versed enough in coding to actually erase Rin's memories, instead pressing enter and delaying her regaining them again.[15] He also was not considered a very good producer and had the scorn of his Vocaloids.[16]


Kagamine RinEdit

"Didn't we make a promise? The uploader and I. That...everything was for this world"
―the data Irina[src]

One of the Vocaloids used by Teihen-P. Originally taking her on to produce songs, Teihen-P was willing to help the girl wipe her own memories so that she could continue living normally in Japan.[17] Despite this, he appeared to be a poor producer for her and the two didn't get along very well,[18] with even his attempts to wipe her memory being lukewarm and ultimately unsuccessful.[19]

Kagamine LenEdit

"Let's escape from this base producer"

One of the Vocaloids used by Teihen-P. Despite being his producer, Teihen-P didn't appear to have as much interest in Kagamine Len as with Rin and Miku. Additionally the two didn't appear to get along well, with Len just wishing to escape from him with Rin.[20]

Hatsune MikuEdit

"The uploader doesn't know the feelings of my previous owner✩"

One of the Vocaloids used by Teihen-P. Originally taking her on to produce songs, Teihen-P didn't seem interested in her past or previous uploader.[21] As such, he only used her to make new melodies,[22] despite how little they fit into the setting, and the two didn't appear to generally get along despite her success as an idol.[23]



  • The name of the producer as "Teihen-P" matches his being insulted as "base" (teihen) by Rin and Len.


  • The creator of the series, Numtack05, also referred to himself as Teihen-P after the appearance of the producer's name.[24]
  • On his character poll, Numtack05 listed Teihen-P as a separate character from Putin-P.[25]


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