Nothing 1
Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】なにもないもの。【初音ミク・レン】

Romaji: Nanimonaimono.
English: The One Who's Nothing.

Hatsune MikuKagamine Len
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


Having just finished watching Rin's broadcast shown in "Assassin!, Miku laments how happy and successful Rin has become while also speaking cryptically about the "sad incident" in Russia and of the other girl's past life. As she laments that she is empty, "the one who is nothing", Len attempts to cheer Miku up by reminding her of how much he and Rin had enjoyed her songs back in Russia, as well as offering sake and other activities for them to do. Miku derides Len's attempts and continues to wallow in her unhappiness, finally telling him to leave. A phone rings in the background, and Rin is shown now away from her broadcast and attempting to make a call.


バカ ここにいちゃダメよ

伝える 為 生まれた

誰かが 手を加えて
世界を 壊していた
世界で一番 無垢な

ここに来た時 怖かったorz
でもあの子は 分けられたの



あんたを 元気付ける!
俺はバカで しょうもないが
一緒にいる ことはできるぜ?


犬 知ろうとしないの?
豚 だけに背負わせて

いつまでも 続くなんて嘘よm


早く行きなよ ね?

Are, anta ni muketeru
BAKA koko ni icha DAME yo
Mou, ano ko mo jiyuu yo
Shiawase nano yo kitto

ROSHIA no kanashi jiken
Tsutaeru tame umareta

Dareka ga tewokuwaete
Sekai wo kowashite ita
Sekai de ichiban mukuna
MASHIN GAN toshite

Koko ni kita toki kowakatta orz
Demo ano ko wa wakeraretano
Kowasu mono to
Nusumu mono to kare
Dareka ni tsutaeru mono ni

Masshiro na hako ni
Nani ga hairu no?
Watashi wa kara yo☆
Nanimo nai mono yo★

Kieta to omottara
Bushitsuni, ko morikirikayo?
Ore wa anta no FAN toshite
Koko ni irundaze ! kanashii
ROSHIA de yoku kiita uta
RIN to futari... tanoshimi datta ☆

Ore ni wa kono sekai ga
Yoku wakaranainda yo !
Demo tonikaku ore wa koko ni iru !
Anta wo genkitzukeru !
Ore wa BAKA deshou mo nai ga
Isshoni iru koto wa dekiruze ?
Sate to sake demo nomou !
Habu no hanashi wo shiyou ! !
POTETO ga sameru mae ni
Kimi ga naku mae ni

Inu shirou to shinaino ?
Rin dake ni se owasete
Hito no shinpai nante
Tsuyoi mono ga suru koto
Daremo ga shiawase de shinitai☆
Demo sou wa ikanai mono yo?
Itsumademo tsutzuku nante uso yo
Anta ni mo wakaru hazu yo?

Masshiro na hako ni
Nani ga hairu no ?
Watashi wa kara yo☆
Nanimo nai mono yo★

Sore yori sake yo !
Sore shikanai no ?
Yakutatazu da ne ☆
Hayaku ikina yo ne ?

Hey, I'm facing you
Idiot, you shouldn't be here
She's already free too
And happy...surely

That sad incident in Russia
She was born to convey it

Someone corrected it
So she was destroying the world
As the most pure
Machine gun in the world

When I came here I was scared orz
But she was able to divide it into
"The one who destroys"
"The one who steals" and him...
"The one who reports" to someone

In this pure white box
What will enter?
I am empty☆
"The one who's nothing"★

When I thought you'd vanished
You'd holed yourself up in this club room?
As a fan of yours, I
Am right here! Those sad
Songs we listened to a lot in Russia
Rin and I both enjoyed them☆

As for me, this world
I don't really understand it!
But I'm here, at any rate!
I'll cheer you up!
I'm an idiot, a good for nothing
But if we're together can't I do that?

Well, let's drink sake!
Let's tell Habu stories!!
Before the fries get cold
Before you cry...

Is the dog trying to understand?
Just burden Rin with that

Handling other people's worries
Is for stronger people
Everyone wants to die happy☆
But isn't that something they can't do?
Continuing on no matter what and all is a lie, haha
Don't you understand that too?

In this pure white box
What will enter?
I am empty☆
"The one who's nothing"★

Other than that, sake!
Is that all you have?
You're useless huh?☆
Hurry and go, alright?

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ロシアの 悲しい事件』 That sad incident in Russia
  • 『でもあの子は 分けられたの 』 But she was divided
  • 『誰かに「つたえるもの」に』 "The one who reports" to someone
  • 『リンと二人楽しみだった☆ 』 Rin and I both enjoyed them☆
  • 『いつまでも 続くなんて嘘よm』 Continuing on no matter what and all is a lie, haha

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Miku nosebleeding over Rin
  • A closeup of Len in his school uniform and jacket
  • Rin with her phone

Miku and Len sit in an unknown room after watching Rin singing in Assasin!; it is likely Miku's own room given the poster of Ronald in the background, although Len refers to it as a club room. Miku has continued wearing her McDonalds costume from The Eyes that Don't Vanish, while Len wears a thick jacket for winter over his school uniform. While, as shown in the first shot, Miku still has her nosebleed, the blood is not visible in the subsequent profile shots.

The last illustration shows Rin in her PuuRin costume, attempting to make her call from a train station. A final shot, showing her old "comrade", the human Len, is shown with the announcement of the next song, signifying how Irina and her comrade meet once more as Kagamine Rin and Camui Gackpo, respectively.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

The chorus of the song is punctuated with the sounds of stalling hardware and others indicative of a machine, likely as the singers are both programs. Near the end of the video a phone can be heard ringing while Rin stands at the train station. Given the placement of the ringing and Rin's position with her phone, the phone line is likely ringing at Miku's house while Rin attempts to call either her or Len. 



  • Miku's list of "ones" in the song refer to the three data files Elena created; Rin is "the one who destroys," Len is "the one who steals," and Camui is "the one who reports" to someone.


  • The title "Nanimonaimono" may be literally translated as "a nothing," however the listing Miku does of "the one who steals" to "the one who reports" would mean that, within this theme, she is the alternate translation, "the one who is nothing", compared to the rest.
  • While singing about the past events in Russia, Miku's speech turns red; this may be indicative of her reverting to her previous programming as she remembers that period, similar to Len and Rin's red text.

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We Met Again, eh?☆

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