Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】かがみのむこう>【鏡音レン・神威】

Romaji: Kagami no Mukou >
English: The Other Side of the Mirror>

Kagamine LenCamui Gackpo
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


Following Len saving Rin from Camui Gackpo, the android kneels on the ground and remarks on Len having become a Vocaloid. Len, meanwhile, tries to think of a way out of his situation with only a pike fish to fight with. Camui, seeing Len had a heart, ranted about his past self and others having lost their own, only saved with drugs. He laughs Len's naivety; Len, brushing him off, attacks and is frightened, throwing his pike at the android.

Camui then realizes that Len was the dog from their past lives and tries to strike him again; hit instead by Len's elbow, the android is defeated and Len runs, taking Camui's wallet as his trophy. As he runs the boy reflects on Hatsune Miku calling him "the one who steals" from before; he resolves to protect Rin and move forward even if he doesn't fully know what's going on, also finding a red scarf inside the wallet. Later, Miku is shown salvaging Camui's body.





<神威パート> ただ、、、こいつに心が
君はこころ救われ 僕から逃げるんだよ?

こころ無くす クスリに救われたのに


ここは一つ 俺のターンということなので









<Kamui Part>
Wakerareta katou na mono
Omae mo BOKARO ni natte
ARE dake ga hajikareta
Tsutaeru koto mo dekinai mushikera

<Len Part> Kakkou tsuke ni kita no wa ii ga
Douyara kachimewanai na orz
Irojikake tsuujiruka?
Suki wo mite sa satto nigeru shikanai

Buki wa SANMA shikanai
Sore wa atode tabetai orz

<Kamui Part>
Tada... koitsu ni kokoro ga
Aru no wa doushite na no darou
Naze konna muda na mono ni sa
Kimi wa kokoro sukuware Boku kara nigerunda yo?
Sore ga kimi no nozomi na no?

Subete kowashite shimae ga ii to
Isshoni osowatta hito no goro
Kokoro nakusu KUSURI ni sukuwareta no ni

Kagaminiutsuru jibun wa kitto
Koko yori mo shiawase nanda to
Shinjite ita ne?
Boku wa waratteta w kekeke w

<Len Part> Tonikaku hitorigoto ga kowai na
Koko wa hitotsu Ore no TAAN to iu koto na no de
Misawa shiki no hiji de kiruze!

Cho... oma...
Me ga akai zo? Kowai yo!
Ii otoko ga dainashi desu yo?
Onaka suiteru?
SANMA taberu? Nama dakedo
Dozoo !

<Kamui Part> Omae inu ka,, kore wa maittana
Ano monogatari de wa boku wa inu ika da mon na
De wa koko demo onnaji ketsumatsu

<Len Part> Uoo kantan ni wa ataranai
Ore wa BAKA dakedo hitotsu dake
Ashimoto ni chuui! Hiji wa omake!
Sayonara shuuryou☆

(Luka Chorus) Dare yori mo hayaku hashireru!
Tsuideni emono wo itadaku
"Nusumu mono" ore no koto kana?
Demo ore wa Kagamine REN!

Ore wa yume wo miakita kara
Ima wo hisshini mamorunda yo☆
Nanimo kangaesu hashiru yo!
Ore wa shujinkou dakara!

Kienai kimi no hitomi dake...
Wakaru koto wa sore dake demo
Ore no kokoro wa ARI no you
Sou ore wa Kagamine REN

Sugu soko ni aru mono wo ou!
Soshite tsuyoku naritainda!
Konnyaku no youni PICHIPICHI!
Kono SUKAAFU wa nan darou...?

"SE of footsteps"
(Luka Chorus)

An inferior that was divided
You also became a VOCALOID
Only it was repelled by that
A worm who can't report

It's great that I came to show off, but
Seems like I don't have a chance orz
Might this lead to seduction?
When I see an opening I'll have no choice but to escape

My weapon's just a mackerel pike><
I want to eat it after this orz
But,,, this one has a heart
Why is that, I wonder?
Why have such a futile thing?
To save your heart, will you escape from me?
Is that what you want?

That we should completely destroy everything
Those days we were people taught that together
We lost our hearts, while we were saved by drugs

The me reflected in the mirror is surely
More happy than the one here
You believed that?
I was laughing, lol heh heh heh lol

Your monologue is creepy, at any rate
That's one here; as it seems to be my turn
I'll cut you with a Misawa style elbow!

Wel,, yo,,
Your eyes're red? That's scary!
Has the good guy come to nothing?
Are you hungry?
Wanna eat my pike? It's raw but
Here you gooo!

You're the dog?,, I give up on this!
In that story I was lesser than the dog
So, even here will have the same conclusion,,

Woah–You won't hit me that easily!
I'm an idiot but just one thing,,
Watch your step! My elbow's a freebie!
A closing farewell☆

I can run faster than anyone!
I'll accept a trophy while I'm at it
"The one who steals",, is that me?
But I'm Kagamine Len!

Since I've tired of looking at the dream
I'll desperately protect the now☆
I'll run without thinking!
Because I'm the protagonist!

Only your eyes that don't vanish,,,
Even though that's all I know
My heart is like Ali,,
Yes, I am Kagamine Len

Soon I'll chase after what's there!
And then I want to become strong!
My heart's racing like konnyaku!
What's this scarf,,,?

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『分けられた下等なもの』 An inferior that was divided
  • 『伝えることも出来ない虫けら』 A worm who can't report
  • 『ただ、、、こいつに心が』 But,,, this one has a heart
  • 『一緒に教わった人の頃』 Those days we were people taught that together
  • 『こころ無くす クスリに救われたのに 』 We lost our hearts, while we were saved by drugs
  • 『鏡に映る自分はきっと ここよりも幸せなんだと』 The me reflected in the mirror is surely/More happy than the one here
  • 『あの物語では僕は犬以下だもんな』 In that story I was lesser than the dog
  • 『「ぬすむもの」、、俺のことかな?』 "The one who steals",, is that me?
  • 『でも俺は鏡音レン!』 But I'm Kagamine Len!
  • 『このスカーフはなんだろう、、、?』 What's this scarf,,,?

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Len and Camui's fight
  • Camui with his sword
  • Len with green text
  • Len's wrestling move
  • Len fleeing with Camui's wallet.
  • Miku standing over Camui.

The first illustration shows Camui Gackpo on his knees, holding the arm kicked by Len from Goodbye to the Dream☆ as he recovers. Len can be seen standing over him. Looking carefully, Camui's eyes can be seen as a dull red, although they are not yet visible to Len. In the next illustration Len is shown wearing the Santa suit, likely an intentional reference on his part to Rin's song in Assassin!. It's seen that he's holding a bag, although it's unknown what's in it; it is possible that, as a pike was his only weapon, that was all that was in the bag. Additionally, on Len's skin are small marks, possibly sweatdrops to show his unease.

The next illustration shows Camui having stood up, now holding a sword. It's unknown where he pulled the sword from, although it is possible he had it concealed in his coat. After this is an illustration of the pike on the snow, which may have been lain there as an offering to Camui or fallen as a result of Len throwing it at him. For brief second, Len is then shown rushing forward and striking Camui with his elbow; this appears to be his finishing blow, as the android looks to have been already off balance by the shot.

The next shot is of Len running with a wallet in his hands, Camui's after he decides to take a trophy for his efforts. His direction is the same as Rin's in Goodbye to the Dream, indicating he is running back to the same place as her; this is confirmed by Who's the Liar?, where he's also back in their dorm room. As no scarf is shown in the picture, it can be assumed Len found Camui's red scarf in the wallet itself. The final image is of Camui lying on the ground, his wig knocked off as it will be for the rest of the series. Beside him is a shot of Miku's high heels and the edge of her long teal hair. It's also shown that it's begun to snow; this snow will pick up into a snowstorm over the next several songs.

Sound Effect AnalysisEdit

Near the end of the video, before the illustration of Miku by Camui, the sound of footsteps can be heard. This is likely the sound of Miku's boot heels crunching through the new layer of snow.



  • The sign next to the title is a mathematical sign meaning "greater than" or "lesser than"; read with the title, it reads "The other side of the mirror is more than [unspecified]", referencing Camui's quote in the song.
  • Ali refers to Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer.
  • When asked why Len's text turned briefly from yellow to green, Numtack05 explained it was a reference to the pro-wrestler Mitsuharu Misawa, whose image color is green.[1]


  • Camui Gackpo again uses the dehumanizing "it" to refer to someone as done in We Met Again, eh?☆; it is unclear who he is referring to, although it is possibly Ronald, who was unable to face off with Rin now that she was a Vocaloid and may have been similarly repelled by Len being one.
  • Following Camui's "creepy monologue", Len's text briefly turned a paler yellow than usual; it's possible this was meant to represent his fear.


  1. Puulog☆ - July 7, 2009 - 「三沢式のエルボー」の字が緑なのは先日亡くなった プロレスラー三沢光晴選手のイメージカラーだからです>< 僕は大ファンだったので悲しかったです。

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