Kokoro ni koe 1
Song title
Original title:【オリジナル】こころにこえを○【ミク】

Romaji: Kokoro ni Koe wo ○
English: A Voice in My Heart ○

Hatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / YouTube broadcast (with subtitles)


The USB port in Len, shot into his headphones in Don't Interfere, Okay?☆, shows next the story of Urusei Teppannov. Speaking internally to Miku, Teppannov reflects on how he is now escaping with his former target, having once ruined her plans to spread the story of the child-soldiers by inserting a virus into the data-file, blaming it on America, and propagating the idea that the story was a hoax. Having lived like a machine, he now intends to start over with her.

Teppannov now recognizes his target as his childhood friend Elena, who was with him in the days when he spoke no Russian. He realizes then that it was fate for him to become an assassin, due to his inability to fit in, and meet her again. Going forward with optimism, he intends to escape with her now after killing a scapegoat, unaware she has just killed herself.


ミクに 言いたい
ここからが スタート

少年達の 殺し合いなど
ねつ造だとね 広めるだけさ

機械の様に 生きてた





ロシア語よりもギター 練習して孤独にorz
未だにロクに喋れないから 暗殺者に…


Miku ni iitai
BOKU wa fumidaseta no da to ne
Koko kara ga SUTAATO
Kimi nashi demo daijoubu sa

Ano DEETA ni ne
VIRUSU wo tashite
AMERIKA no sei ni suru dake sa
Shonentachi no koroshi ai nado
Netsuzou da to ne hiromeru dake sa
SUTOORII ga aisareru hodo rakutansuru sa...

Kikai no youni ikiteta
Kono mama nigeru yo
Kimi wa kikai demo
Kagayaite ita ne★

Kimi no koe ga kikoeta
RAJIO no Unushi wa kanojo?
Shinjirarenai koto da
Nihongo na no ni kiiteta!!

Kanojo to RAJIO kiiteta
Ano koro ga ichiban KIREI na jikan datta no ni BOKU ga
ROSHIA go ga mada dekinakute...

Otona ni natte kara wa
Hanarebanare ni natta
BOKU wa koroshiya ni natte
Kimi wo koroshi ni kitanda

Hajimete kare wo utagutta
Nante zankoku nan darou ne
Demo soko kara BOKU wa kidzuku
Subete ga unmei○

ROSHIA go yori mo GITAA Renshuushite kodoku ni orz
Imadani ROKU ni shaberenai kara ansatsusha ni...
Subete wa unmei da yo
Migawari wo koroshite sa!

Kanojo to itsumademo
Nige tsudzukeru sa
Dakara ne
Koko kara ga shiawase no michi nanda yo!
Kanojo mo kitto wakatte kureru hazu sa☆

I want to tell Miku
That I stepped forward
From here on it's the start
Even without you it'll be alright

In that data
Add in a virus
Just make it America's fault
Those children killing each other
Just propagate that it was a hoax
The story was as disappointing as it was loved...

I was living like a machine
But I'll stop
This way, I'll escape
Even though you were a machine
You were shining, huh? ★

I could hear your voice
She was the owner of the radio?
That's unbelievable
She was listening to it despite it being Japanese!!

I listened to the radio with her
In those days that time was the most beautiful, although I
Couldn't speak Russian yet...

After we became adults
We got separated
I became a hitman
And I came to kill you

For the first time I doubted him
Something like that’s harsh huh?
But from there I realize
Everything is fate ○

I was alone because I practiced my guitar more than my Russian orz
Even now I still can't talk very well, so I became an assassin...
Everything is fate
I'll kill a scapegoat!

And then with her, no matter what
I'll continue escaping
It's the road of happiness from here on!
Surely I know she'll understand too☆

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『ミクに 言いたい』 I want to tell Miku
  • 『あのデータにね ウィルスを足して』 In that data/add in a virus
  • 『アメリカのせいにする、ねつ造』 Just make it America's fault
  • 『ねつ造だとね 広めるだけさ』 Just propagate that it was a hoax
  • 『機械の様に 生きてた でもヤメる』 I was living like a machine/But I'll stop
  • 『君は機械でも 輝いていたね★』 Even though you were a machine/You were shining, huh? ★
  • 『彼女とラジオ聴いてた』 I listened to the radio with her
  • 『ボクは殺し屋になって 君を殺しにきたんだ』 I became a hitman/and I came to kill you
  • 『全てが運命○』Everything is fate○
  • 『ロシア語よりもギター 練習して孤独にorz』 I was alone because I practiced my guitar more than my Russian orz
  • 『身代わりを殺してさ!』 I'll kill a scapegoat!

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • The flash disk that Miku shot to Len's head.
  • Elena at her laptop
  • A close up
  • Elena dead
  • Teppannov in tears
  • Teppu-P

The movie is for the most part similar to the previous The Voice in My Heart., while having some differences. As Teppannov speaks of wanting to tell Miku what he'd done, her crying face is shown from If We Meet Again☆; this is the clearest indication, along with the lyrics, that Teppannov was Miku's previous uploader. Curiously, the chains from Stealing is Wrong? are shown as the data is spoken about, while Irina is shown with the discussion of the virus, fitting her being called a virus in Who's the Liar?.

Later on, as Teppannov recognizes Elena as his childhood friend he's shown crying. This demonstrates that this is the moment Elena was perplexed over in her perspective, when she thought he was simply crying over the lyrics. Several flashbacks are shown throughout the song as he comes to his various revelations, his appearance in Although I Want to Sleep! used to signify him as a hitman. The video also features a live-video appearance from Teppu-P, playing on his guitar; such provides a direct connection between Teppannov and his inspiration, as he also plays on the guitar and is a producer using Miku.

In the final image, Teppannov is shown in the train car with Elena once more, Elena slumped over; in this illustration, Teppannov is facing away from her. As Teppannov was unaware of Elena's suicide, it's possible that the girl in this illustration is instead the scapegoat or that he simply isn't looking at her. 



  • This is the only song with the title's singer being listed as "Miku" and not "Hatsune Miku", indicating how it's actually Teppannov's own feeling being sung by her.
  • Describing the song, Putin-P stated that it was a "climax" for Part 3.


  • The melody of the song's end point resembles the one used in Not Together.

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こころにこえを ○

The Voice in My Heart.


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