Kimi ni Watashi ni 1
Song title
Original title:【初音ミク】きみに、わたしに。【オリジナル】

Romaji: Kimi ni, Watashi ni.
English: To You, To Me.

Hatsune Miku
numtack05 (music, lyrics)

Shiuka (illust, video)

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Nicovideo broadcast / Youtube broadcast (with subtitles)


Having brought Camui Gackpo to her house Miku sits at her laptop, reflecting her relationship with Ronald and her empty, potentially useless role as a Vocaloid. She then moves on to how she's found a fragment of Ronald on a USB port due to the bullet that Rin shot at him. As this is her last chance to see him again, Miku wishes to act for herself alone, claiming how she isn't satisfied anymore with her old role of giving happiness to the children.

As she decides act for the things that are precious to her, Miku also plans to look over Rin's own story and muses that the girl will soon be broken, herself, after learning the truth. Miku then begins to research, looking over Elena's files and using Tashiro's information, and learns the full story of Elena and the data files she distributed. Gathering her resolve, she makes a cryptic comment on how the uploader doesn't know her previous owner's feelings and returns to work. Behind her, Camui regains consciousness.




魅せて 全て
でもね 君の



わたしの意志 まだ大人になれないよ…


すこし だけど
愛しい だから

観てて 奴をびびらせてやる☆
きっと すぐに

君が愛したヒト 隠してたけど分かるよ?




キテル☆ わたしの時代!
犬じゃ なにも出来ない!
未来☆ 変えられるよ
できない>< なんて思わない様…






Nanimo ienu kimi dakedo
Watashi dake ni hanashite kureta ne
Hito no kimochi utaeru yo♪
WatashiBOOKAROIDO no yakume ne✩

Kimi ni, watashi ni.

Kudaranai kimi ni yume wo
Misete subete
Watashi wa mou iranai ko de
Demo ne Kimi no
KAKERA mitsuketa no✩

Kimi ga nokoshita KAKERA ga
Ima wa totemo itooshii
Rin ni uchikomareta tama
Soko ni KAKERAKare ga iru hazu yo !

Kore ga saigo no CHANSU ne
Jibun shika mitakunai no✩
Adabito nokoto nante kangaenaide
Iku dake yo

Ano kotachi ni shiawase wo
Ataeru no ga yakume da to
Omotte itano ni mitasarenai !
Watashi no ishi Mada otona ni narenai yo

Kimi ni、 watashi ni.

Kasanerareta unmei wa
Sukoshi Dakedo
Ooki na mono yo

Kakureta kuroi KOKORO sae
Itoshii Dakara
Watashi wa yaru no yo✩

Kimi to watashi dake no yume
Mitete yatsu wo bibirasete yaru✩
Ano ko ni wa genjitsu (ima) ga aru kara
Kitto Sugu ni
Kowarete shimau wa

Kasokusuru kimochi
Chiratsuku no onna
Kimi ga aishita HITO kakushiteta kedo wakaru yo?
Kuzatsu na omoi
Ano kotachi no oya no
FAIRU wo shiraberu yo✩
SHAKU da deredomo

Higimazuke Tashiro !
Dare yori mo monoshiri no
Kono SEKAI no zunou
Dokodemo nozokeru hazu

Hata wo kawasou
Ima no watashi II wa! !
Dare yori mo kawaiku♥
Dare yori Habu !

KIRERU✩ Watashi no jidai !
Inu ja Nanimo dekinai!
Mirai✩ Kaerareru yo
Dekinai>< Nante omowanai you

KOKORO wakaseru kibou✩
SHINPURU na DANSU wo odoreru no wa watashi✩
KATSURA yarou aware w
Uchikomu dake nante ne !
Demo anata mo onaji ne><
Kangae na yo !

Dokomademo tsudzuku RUUPU ni
HITO wa taerarenai ikimono na no
Nanimo haitte nai watashi datte
Itsumo kurushinde iru✩

Watashi ga iru imi ga wakaru?
Mitakutemo mirenai koto wo miseru✩
uPUnushi ni wa wakaranai na
Mae no mochinushi no kimochi wa ne✩


You couldn't say anything, but
You talked to me alone, huh?
I can sing people's feelings♪
That' role as a VOCALOID, right?✩

To you, to me.

To the worthless you, with dreams,
If I bewitch you, and
Make you spit out everything
I'll be a girl who's not needed anymore
But hey, I
Found a fragment of you☆

This fragment you left behind
Is now very precious to me
That bullet that Rin shot at you
In the fragment there...he should be there!

This is a last chance, huh?
I only want to see myself✩
Without thinking about other people
I'll just go

For those kids, their happiness
It's my role to give it to them
That's what I thought...but that can't satisfy me!
This is my intent, I can't become an adult yet...

To you, to me.

This repeated fate
Isn't much, but
It's something great
Even this hidden black heart
Is precious to me, so
I'll do it✩

This is yours and my dream alone
I'll look over it and make that guy feel nervous✩
She has the truth
So surely, soon
She'll be broken

Accelerating feelings
A woman is the one dazzled
The person that you loved, they were hidden, but do you understand?

Complicated feelings
Those children's parent
I'll investigate her files✩
Annoying as it is...

Bow down Tashiro!
He who'se more well informed than anyone's
Intellect of this world
I expect he'd be able to peek anywhere

Let's exchange a toast
The current me is great!!
More adorable than anyone♥
More Habu than anyone!

I can do it ✩ It's my era!
The dog can't do anything!
I can change✩ the future
That I can't do it >< –So I won't think like that...

I'll make my heart well up with hope✩
A finishing blow to the cowardly potato chips✩
I'm the one who can dance a simple dance✩

That jerk in the wig is pathetic lol
Something like just firing, huh!'re the same too aren't you><
Think about it!

In this loop that continues no matter what
People are unstoppable living things
'Cause I can't hold onto anything
I'm always suffering✩

Do you know the meaning of my being here
I'll bewitch you with things you can't see even if you wanted to☆
The uploader doesn't know
The feelings of my previous owner✩

Aya ha ha heh heh~

English Translation by Pricechecktranslations

Key PhrasesEdit

  • 『人の気持ち歌えるよ♪』 I can sing people's feelings♪
  • 『君が残したカケラが 今はとても愛おしい』 The fragments you left behind/is now very precious to me
  • 『これが最後のチャンスね』 This is a last chance, huh?
  • 『あの子達に幸せを 与えるのが役目だと』 For those kids, their happiness/It's my role to give it to them
  • 『ひざまずけ田代!』 Bow down Tashiro!
  • 『なにも入ってないわたしだって』 'Cause I can't hold onto anything
  • 『前の持ち主の気持ちはね☆』 The feelings of my previous owner✩

Illustration AnalysisEdit

  • Miku, with the picture of her beloved on her desk.
  • A closeup
  • The USB
  • A closer look at Ronald and Miku
  • Miku with the sleeping Camui
  • Camui Gackpo awakens

The video opens with Miku in her room, which is still dimly lit and sparsely furnished, while wearing her winter outfit; she's shown checking something behind her, later shown to be Camui. On the table in front of her is her laptop, a picture of Ronald and her, a USB port, and a gun. This is likely the same gun that Miku will use to link herself and Len into the data world later on, firing USB drives rather than bullets. The next image has her turned back around in a closeup on her face.

The next image provides a closeup of the USB containing a fragment of Ronald, which Miku hopes to meet inside the data world. The next closeup shows the picture of Ronald and Miku; looking closely, green foliage can be seen in the background. Due to this and Miku's outfit, it can be guessed the picture was taken during their date from In the Night That Can't Be Seen. from some photographer.

The next image shows behind Miku, where it's revealed she has taken Camui Gackpo to her home after finding him in The Other Side of the Mirror>, stripped him, and laid him under a sheet. With his wig gone, a Soviet Union symbol is visible on his bald head that resembles Elena's. This indicates that, at least at one point, Camui was affiliated with the Soviet Union. The floor is also scattered with french fries and in the back is a mysterious striped cloth much like on Ronald's clothes.

Aside from a closeup of Miku's face, the final image is of Camui, his eyes open and glowing as he has regained consciousness. This would likely lead to him becoming dressed and able to gain a USB port to link himself into Rin's interior, as shown in A Place to Chat!. Behind him, the striped cloth is also shown missing; it is unknown where it went or what it represented in the first place.



  • From this point forward Miku appears to have snapped out of her depression which began from the end of Part 2.
  • Miku remarking that the object of her song (indicated as Ronald) is the same as "the jerk in the wig," Camui, is another indication of Ronald and Camui having the same purpose to attack Rin.
  • The line "A woman is the one dazzled" has "woman" colored in pink, likely indicating Elena.


  • This is the only title in Part 3 written with the singer first, title second, and "original" disclaimer third, with every other song in Part 3 written in the opposite way.
  • In the illustration of Camui Gackpo his headphones are missing; on their blog the illustrator, Shiuka, apologized for this once it was pointed out, claiming it was an oversight.
  • It is unknown why Miku brought Camui back to her home, although it can be interpreted she was using him for her investigation.

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