Urusei Teppannov
Technical Information
Japanese Name ウルセイ・テッパンノフ
Romanization Urusei Teppannofu
Biographical Information
Classification Human
Race Japanese
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Affiliation Russia
Miscellaneous Information
First Appearance Although I Want to Sleep!
Last Appearance In Your Eyes.

"I was living like a machine, but I'll stop."

Urusei Teppannov is a Japanese man raised in Russia, living in that country during both the Russian and present day era. Since he was little Teppannov supported Vladimir Putin and began to work as a hitman; he also grew a strong friendship with the officer Elena since childhood. Sent to kill Elena after she begins undermining the current Russian regime, Teppannov began to have doubts about serving his country and eventually joins her side in opposing Putin.


Start of the Russian EraEdit

"In those days that time was the most beautiful, although I couldn't speak Russian yet..."

Growing up in a Russia orphanage despite his Japanese heritage,[1] Teppannov was outcast for not being able to speak Russian, preferring to practice more at the guitar than learning the language.[2] He formed a friendship with a girl in the orphanage, known as Elena, and the two would often listen to the radio together.[3] Becoming indoctrinated to support and idolize Vladimir Putin,[4] the two resolved to join his service.

After becoming an adult the two went their separate ways.[5] Still unable to speak enough Russian to carry a conversation, Teppannov became a hitman for Putin.[6] Afterwards he met with the politician on occasion as he was given his duties.[7] During this time, he also continued to practice his music. At some point, Teppannov acquired the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, making use of her vocals to create songs such as A Man of Few Words..[8] Over time, he grew very attached to her and the two were close friends.[9] Later on, however, he separated from the Vocaloid.[10]

Part 3Edit

"I became a hitman, and I came to kill you."

At some point, after a female officer under Putin betrayed the Russian regime and began to spread the story of Putin's usage of child-soldiers, Teppannov was dispatched to silence her permanently.[11] He was also ordered to insert a virus to the data that she was broadcasting,[12] as well as make it all look like the doing of the American government.[13] In addition, he helped propagate the idea that the story of the Russian child soldiers was a hoax and witnessed how disappointed everyone was at this news.[14]

Tracking the woman to her room, Teppannov burst in with a pistol,[15] only for the former officer to get away easily. Over multiple occasions, the hitman attempted to apprehend her, only for her to slip out of his grasp.[16] As he did so, Teppannov began to doubt Putin for the first time and desired to step out of his role as a hitman as he fell in love with the beautiful pink-haired woman.[17]

Out of this love for her, he decided that he also wished to escape Russia with the other defector and tracked her for a final time to a tropical country, rigging a gun beforehand to fire a rose instead of a bullet.[18] Finally finding her on the beach, Teppannov watched the woman expressionlessly with his back to the water and smiled as he approached, preparing to grab her.
Trip 4

When she took off on seeing him, he went in pursuit of her and eventually managed to catch up, cutting her short by drawing his gun. Keeping it trained on her,[19] Teppannov fired and let the rose pop out.[20] Afterwards, he asked the woman to escape with him and saw her nod.[21] As they made the preparations to leave together, he sat across from the officer in a train compartment and watched her at her laptop.[22] He then heard Miku's voice from her laptop and realized that the woman was Elena, his own childhood friend.[23]

Realizing that everything that happened in his life had been fate leading him to her,[24] Teppannov began crying to think of how they were reunited. He then looked away from Elena and thought about his plans to escape with her.[25] Planning to kill a scapegoat to ease their way,[26] he decided that she would understand and looked back to share his plans. He then found that Elena had committed suicide in the seat across from him.[27]

Part 4Edit

Left alone, Teppannov became depressed and alone for many years, as elsewhere events were unfolding in Japan concerning Elena's spam-file being uploaded into the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. At some later point, he watched Hatsune Miku online as she was recorded by Tashiro.[28] When the Vocaloid entered the artificial world, she told Teppannov to watch her until the end, aware of his presence as a viewer.[29] The assassin then watched Tashiro's video until the end as instructed and saw Miku's decision to stay with Ronald; as he did, he began to cry alone in the dark.[30]

In part wishing to die and in part wishing to topple the Russian regime,[31] Teppannov decided to assassinate president Vladimir Putin and approached him in a snowy area when the man was surrounded by bodyguards. Bringing out his gun and taking aim at the politician,[32] he attempted to suppress any other thoughts but the goal in front of him.[33]


Before firing, the marksman thought about a future he could have had with Elena if things had turned out differently,[34] in which both their sins were wiped clean and he was dancing with Elena in an elegant ballroom. Picturing the two of them smiling together, the assassin was distracted for a moment; while distracted, Urusei Teppannov was shot by one of Putin's guards and began to fall to the snow. As he collapsed, he saw Putin wave at him and walk off, before finally succumbing to his injuries and dying.[35]



Urusei Teppannov was a man of few words who often concealed his own thoughts and feelings behind an expressionless facade.[36] In addition, as an assassin he was desensitized to killing and followed Putin's orders without doubts in most cases;[37] he was also a loner as a result of his prioritizing music over learning to speak Russian.[38] Despite this, Teppanov deep down was a sensitive and easily touched individual, drawing a line at killing an innocent woman and quickly falling in love with her,[39] only to have those feelings exacerbated when learning her identity.[40]

He was consequently deeply touched by her death and the loss of Hatsune Miku,[41] valuing the few friendships he had due to his lonely life and seeing no more value to this life once they were gone. After this depression Teppannov stopped caring about wanting to live or die and so acted recklessly to attack Putin,[42] recognizing that his plans to escape with Elena had at the time been foolish.[43]

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Since childhood, Teppannov developed a skill with the guitar and possessed considerable musical talent,[44] enough to become a producer who could tune and make use of the Vocaloid program.[45] As a consequence of his dedication to practicing, however, he neglected to learn to speak Russian and was unable to carry a conversation in the language, hindering his ability to integrate into normal Russian society;[46] he was, however, able to speak and fluently understand Japanese as a result of his heritage.[47]

As a hitman, Teppanov had considerable athletic skill and was trained in tracking down a target for his employers, able to consistently confront Elena during his pursuit of her. As part of this,[48] he was also able to see through her disguised appearance with no problem and even showed up sooner than she'd expected.[49] He also had skill with a handgun, although his skill suffered under emotional duress.[50]


Teppannov was a well-built man with a goattee, large nose, thick eyebrows, brown eyes framed in thick glasses, and slightly tanned skin with his hair short and close to the skull. Due to the harsh climate he typically lived in, he would wear a fur hat and large, dark fur-lined overcoat where he would conceal his pistol;[51] in a warmer, more tropical climate, he wore a yellow and red Hawaiian shirt and brown shorts.[52] As a child, he wore a yellow shirt with a red character for the number "1", blue shorts, and blue shoes over white socks.[53] He also wore an earring of the word "Love" in English.[54]



"I listened to the radio with her"

Teppannov's relationship with Elena was built on dreams

Teppannov's former childhood friend, as well as later on being his target. In his early childhood, having no friends, the young Teppannov greatly appreciated the girl who would sit with him and listen to the radio, enjoying the Japanese tune.[55] Later on, however, the two separated as they grew up and Teppannov lost track of the woman, later not even recognizing her when he was sent to kill her.[56] Despite this, he began to doubt his allegiance to Putin when sent to kill her and began to fall in love with her over the times that her pursued her.[57] Eventually, this developed into a wish to escape with the woman and he pursued her with that end in mind.[58]

After recognizing Elena, Teppannov became overwhelmed with emotion and was happy to be able to reunite with his childhood friend.[59] Believing that it was fate that the two of them had reunited,[60] Teppannov was eager to start a new life with Elena and was utterly confident in the bright future they had together and her own willingness to leave with him.[61] As a result he was utterly crushed by her suicide and depressed, wishing things could have ended differently even to the point of his death.[62]

Hatsune MikuEdit

"Even though you were a machine, you were shining, huh?"
―Teppannov about Miku[src]

A Vocaloid that Teppannov made use of in his days in Russia.[63] Although not often expressing himself in words, Teppannov created many songs with the Vocaloid that were able to convey his feelings instead.[64] Because of this relationship, he and Miku were close and he saw her as someone he could confide in.[65] Seeing how she was able to shine even though she was a machine, he would eventually take inspiration from her actions and break free of his role in life.[66]

Even after separating from Miku, he still followed her progress as a Vocaloid and would mentally refer to her in his actions.[67] As a result, Teppannov saw Miku's story to the very end and was greatly saddened to see her staying behind in the data world, crying as he wached.[68]


"For the first time I doubted him"

Teppannov's employer. Indoctrinated to believe in the politician, he served him faithfully as an assassin for many years and had no doubts about the orders he was made to carry out. Despite this, he began to rethink his devotion after being made to hunt down Elena and later had no compunction with escaping Putin's regime entirely.[69] He later only hoped to assassinate the politician,[70] while also using him as a means to commit suicide.[71]



  • Teppannov is partially based on a Vocaloid producer who's in the same circle as Putin-P (Twisted Ducks), named Teppu-P.
  • Teppannov's surname Urusei comes from the Japanese slang for "shut up", pronounced the same but romanized as "urusee".


  • In January 2010, Teppannov won tenth place in a "Favorite Putin-P Series character" poll held on Putin-P's blog.



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