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    October 17, 2012 by Ardisiac

    So, as you know, I've been involved in a few different projects. One is the forum, which is coming along nicely. The other is translation, which I've been working very hard at. I have two things to share today.

    One is the sub I did of Oh So Russia:

    I don't know about you, but to me, it screams "Luka talking to/thinking of Irina". Crushing her heart and not thinking refers to blindly throwing herself into situations (like seducing Putin) purely for Irina's sake, because she cares about her so much. She wants to "save" her, but feels that "she's the same". Luka was a child soldier as well, and so doesn't really have the means to rescue her from her situation, as it's sort of her own as well. Invite i…

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  • Ardisiac

    Luka and Teppannov Arc

    October 12, 2012 by Ardisiac

    I do believe I've figured out the Luka/Teppannov arc. It was rather difficult because many vital songs to it are not actually part of the main series, but when you piece them together, it makes a whole lot more sense.

    Songs: Nemuritai no ni!, Tabi ni Deyou!, Kokoro no Koe wo, Kokoro ni Koe wo O, Mukuchi na Hito, Russian Last Emperor, Oh So Russia!

    From this point on it's a big mush of headcanon and theory, because the two have become so linked in my mind that it's impossible to separate them. If you want me to clarify/specify/give a reason for something, just let me know.

    Luka grew up in an orphanage and befriended the young Urusei Teppannov. They bonded over the fact that both were of Japanese descent, and would listen to the radio together.…

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