A Vocaloid is a vocal software made to enable producers to synthesize singing with specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers; an illustrated avatar is sometimes used as the "face" a the synthesized singer. In the Putin-P series, the term refers to an artificial human such as produced in a factory, usually for the purpose of singing songs under the directive of an uploader or producer. 


Vocaloids were in production since the time of the Cold War, with at least one being deployed specifically by the Russian government as an attack-based android;[1] another Vocaloid was expressly used by a Russian producer to create songs.[2] During this time, the United States of America appeared to also be dabbling in the creation of androids,[3] and a Russian officer named Elena was capable of creating artificial intelligence with computer programs and data files. Later on, three Vocaloid units merged with the artificial intelligence data files created by Elena, impacting their programming.[4]

Since their creation in the mid-twentieth century, only four known Vocaloids were known to exist, although two more were created at some point.[5] The United States of America had also created countless androids for their own personal use by the twenty-first century.[6] Japan also appeared to have knowledge of artificial intelligence and Vocaloid programming,[7] with producers making use of Vocaloids to create songs and make them into online "idols."[8]


Visually Vocaloids had the appearance of humans, albeit with glowing eyes and wigs for hair.[9] Typically programmed to be able to sing, they had electronic voices and were highly skilled with creating songs under the directive of their producer. In addition, some Vocaloids were deployed for other military purposes,[10] such as assassination and warfare, and made for durable soldiers capable of handling any weapon given to them.[11] They also demonstrated artificial intelligence and were able to make decisions outside of their programming.

Typically Vocaloids wore headphones with USB ports,[12] acting much like computers in being able to be reprogrammed and have extra data updated into,[13] or removed from, their software.[14] Vocaloids also, through use of a USB drive or while malfunctioning, were able to have their consciousness drawn into the body's "interior," entering a world consisting of pure data.[15] They were also typically able to repair themselves through the usage of backup discs inserted into their headphones.[16]

Despite their robotic features, Vocaloids also seemed to perform a multitude of biological functions, such as being able to consume food and feel the effects of drugs,[17] have a heartbeat,[18] cry,[19] and suffer nosebleeds.[20] They could also be knocked unconscious if jarred or struck by an outside force.[21]

Known VocaloidsEdit



  • In reality, the VOCALOID program was developed by YAMAHA and first released in a variety of countries, and many Vocaloids in the Putin-P series were expressly released first in Japan.
  • Ronald McDonald demonstrates all the traits of an android, but is not referred to as a Vocaloid.


  • Due to the amount of apparent biological functions Vocaloids perform, the extent to which they are an android or human varies by interpretation.
  • The ability for Vocaloids to repair themselves with backup disks references how a corrupted program can be reset with a backup disk on a computer.


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